Prepare for the worst

24 11 2009

This is what the European Project has been about.  Destroying the Nations to ensure there is no Nations to fight wars.  Instead, the European Bloc can take part in corporate wars and financial expansion throughout the World competing against (not with) China, America and the Russians.  N-ice.

Always a bad idea to team up with the Belgium’s, although once showed great pride in their Nation, have become zombified in their desire for a Super Europe.

Meet the President of Europe (Paul Belien, Brussels Journal, 2009-11-20)

I won’t plagiarise the whole thing just highlight a few snippets which are a damning confirmation of things to come.

To understand Herman, one must know something about Belgium, a tiny country in Western Europe, and the prototype of the EU. Belgians do not exist as a nation. Belgium is an artificial state, constructed by the international powers in 1830 as a political compromise and experiment. The country consists of 6 million Dutch, living in Flanders, the northern half of the country, and 4 million French, living in Wallonia, the southern half. The Belgian Dutch, called Flemings, would have preferred to stay part of the Netherlands, as they were until 1830, while the Belgian French, called Walloons, would have preferred to join France. Instead, they were forced to live together in one state.

Just f***ing marvellous.  The European Project is just another extension of the Belgium Project.

Belgians do not like their state. They despise it. They say it represents nothing. There are no Belgian patriots, because no-one is willing to die for a flag which does not represent anything. Because Belgium represents nothing, multicultural ideologues love Belgium. They say that without patriotism, there would be no wars and the world would be a better place. As John Lennon sang “Imagine there’s no countries, it isn’t hard to do, nothing to kill or die for, and no religion too.”

Welcome to their idea of Utopia.  The idealistic idiots think the EU stopped another War breaking out, when it was the threat of Nuclear Armageddon that deterred another major European war developing.  And if man is not prepared to kill he is not prepared to defend his very existence.  No excuse for going mental of course.

In 1957, Belgian politicians stood at the cradle of the European Union. Their aim was to turn the whole of Europe into a Greater Belgium, so that wars between the nations of Europe would no longer be possible as there would no longer be nations, the latter all having been incorporated into an artificial superstate.

For the love of God, I wasn’t even f***ing born then!  And the gall of these fools to think that a European Military Bloc will just be handing out humanitarian aid is far from the truth.  The Masters of the Universe do not just wish to unify Europe under one banner, but the whole world, by any means necessary.

Herman is like Saruman, the wise wizard in Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, who went over to the other side. He used to care about the things we cared about. But no longer. He has built himself a high tower from where he rules over all of us.

And that last line just cracked me up in a sick way.  To me, Rompuy looks like the Grinch or Golum and he not only has the looks but also the similar traits such as delusional tendencies, greed, bitterness and a hefty dose of vanity going by the rests of the article.




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