EU Foreign Minister & the CND with a sprinkle of the USSR

26 11 2009

This really gets better by the day.  The newly formed European Empire who knows no boundaries, literally, appointed a dubious Belgium politician called Rompuy as the EU’s President and a Labour peer who has never stood for election, ever, the aptly named Baroness Ashton as the EU’s Foreign Minister.  People I have never heard of and would most definitely not voted for are now “leading” the European Project into new territory.

Baroness Ashton questioned over CND and Soviet money

The Telegraph, by Bruno Waterfield and James Kirkup

Baroness Ashton, the new European Union foreign minister, is facing questions over her role in the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament amid claims that it may have had financial links to the Soviet Union.

Not only was she once in the CND, calling for Britain’s disarmament, she is an unelected Labour life peer who helped ram the Lisbon Treaty through the House of Lords.  “I spent 76 hours of my life getting the Lisbon Treaty though the House of Lords. I would very much like to see it come into force,” she is on record as saying.

The UK Independence Party has written to Jose Manuel Barroso, the European Commission President, asking him to investigate whether Lady Ashton was party to payments allegedly made to CND from the Soviet regime in Moscow.

The letter, based on allegations made by Vladimir Bukovsky, a former Soviet dissident, claimed that it is “very likely” that CND received “unidentified income” from Moscow in the 1980s.

“CND was notoriously secretive about its sources of funding and did not submit its accounts to independent audit; however, after public pressure they were audited for the first time in 1982-1983,” Gerard Batten, a Ukip MEP, wrote.

“It was found that 38 per cent of their annual income (£176,197) could not be traced back to the original donors. The person responsible for this part of CND fund-raising, from anonymous donors. . . was a member of the Communist Party of Great Britain.”

Only allegations but the financial links between CND and the Communist Party of Great Britain still remain.  And not only that but CND had links with the Communist-linked Labour Party of Old.  Of course, the entire European Union is Government model is a replica of the old Soviet system, democracy only for the chosen, freedom is slavery, that sort of socialist utopia.

Nigel Farage, Ukip’s leader, was officially reprimanded for asking in the European Parliament whether Mr Barroso would to investigate whether Lady Ashton had received money “from enemies of the West”.

He said: “I do not think she is a fit and proper person to do this job.”

Jerzy Buzek, the parliament’s president, has summoned Mr Farage for a meeting where he will be told to “restrain his language and refrain from making improper comments in the chamber” or face disciplinary action.

Lady Ashton’s office declined to discuss CND’s funding in detail. It said that she “left CND in 1983 and had no involvement after that”.

Her spokesman said: “Like many young people in the late 1970s, Catherine Ashton was involved in the big campaigns of the time.

“She never visited the Soviet Union, she had no contacts with the Soviet Union and she never accepted any money from Soviet sources. The first time she ever visited Russia was as trade commissioner. She has never been a member of the Communist Party.”

A CND spokesman described the Ukip claims as “decades-old unsubstantiated allegations”.

Even if Baroness Ashton didn’t know about it, she was in the Commie-infected, Marxist-loving, Labour party so is corrupt by association in my short-sighted (and very much pissed-off) mind.

Yet who to believe in all this.  Lets see.

Motives:  The European Economic Community has become the European Union run by unelected officials who have lied consistently and will continue to do so until the Empire is complete?  Or Soviet Dissidents like Vladimir Bukovsky who is from the USSR and has experienced first hand the horrors of Soviet Style Communism?

Then there is the plausibility of such events occurring.  It is highly likely that Soviet Russia would prefer a Nuke Free Britain.  It would serve their interests.  It is highly likely that the CND, through outside help, would take whatever help was offered in either the misguided hope that Peace would prevail or the perverted desire to see a Communist takeover.

I’ll take my chances with the dissident as the EU has told too many porkies.

Solution:  Treason needs to be re-instated as a hanging offence.  It will get rid of the corrupted and also employ over 20 million people, from the executioners to the undertaker, burger stands and programmes, live entertainment.  All Parties opposed to the Big Three, the Gov’t Cartel, the Three Stooges, Liblabcon, the Corruptibles, the liars, cheats and traitors, time to start spreading the message, NOT YOUR PARTY MESSAGE but by constantly reminding all and sundry of the nefarious activities of the State apparatus in the hands of the Crooked and Corrupted.

My only fear now is that our complete enslavement is not long away, for if the EU flexes it’s muscles now it has control over the whole of Europe, we shall not be allowed to leave peacefully.  What they will pull out of the hat is anyone’s guess but just like the Baroness, it will be for the Greater Good of Europe, or so they will tell us.

We are suffering the death of a thousand pricks and will soon be in the morgue, we need resuscitation fast for if we are to survive as a Nation.  We are constantly fed the fear of death by war, death by disease, death by CO2, and if we’re really naughty, no doubt the hairy runts’ would bring out the scriptures and inform us of our impending doom from the four horsemen of the fucking apocalypse.

Those who can, should.  Next chance you get, take it.  When people have nothing left to lose, they have everything to gain.

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2 responses

26 11 2009
Sir Henry Morgan

My mother would never have let me out of the house with a shirt like that. She needs ironing.

Jach: I’m glad African toilet habits are still alien to me.

28 11 2009
Jack the Ripper jr

Another useless puppet. Another one for the gallows.

And Sir Morg, you’re always welcome to travel on a number 12 bus through Peckham… it’s a bit like safari.

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