Harry Brown: If you have a strong stomach, a must watch movie

29 11 2009

Filmed on the Heygate and the Aylesbury Estate in Walworth.  It is the biggest estate in Europe they say.  One of the poorest too.  The Heygate is next to Elephant & Castle while the Aylesbury is next to Burgess Park and spreads from the Old Kent Road to Walworth Road and includes East Street Market for all your knock down goods and enough crime to deter you from ever returning.

Not only did they film Harry Brown here but Prince Harry and William visited the place once.  Probably to come and laugh, knowing snobbery.  Also, when I ‘graduated’ from Walworth School, lo and behold, we had three MPs there, Simon Hughes and David Blunkett, dog included, and some other prat, may have been a mayor, I was always mashed in School.  Some happy memories along with some bad come-downs.

I’m rattling on about the Estate as it sets the scene for the entire movie and shamefully, is pretty realistic about the blighted lives some lead due to the low-level but highly distressful low thuggery.  This drives the superb Michael Caine to despair after losing love ones has nothing left to lose so the character is so easily connected, this is everything Nick Love’s ‘Outlaw’ failed to be.  I thank the Lord that Mr Caine is able to afford to pick and choose his films now.  He has had some right howlers in the past.

The younger actors must get a mention along with the excellent supporting roles along all fronts.   To be opposite Michael Caine must raise the pressure.  A somewhat predictable story but so gritty and realistic due to the performance of the youngsters that again, it is hard to find any fault in this film.  Even the way it ties up.

At an hour and a half, I reckon there is a director’s cut planned, but the stuff that cut has made a fast pace movie that will have you raging, cringing, fuming and may even give you a few tears, although not me, I had something in my eye, I swear.

Now I know I should be berating Polichickens, the thieves, the cheats, the liars and all the other parasitic buggers that seek to impose their utopian dream of becoming nothing more than a compliant worker thus consumer at best.  Or cannon fodder due to the fact I’m a useless obstacle to the Corporate pursuit of the profitable nirvana that seeks to empower the few against the many.


This is the film along with Kidulthood that should be essential viewing for the Masters of the Universe, so they can see the shite their policies of sapping the will of life out of so many people.  For every family has some member corrupted by the filth and displacement caused by bad social policy after bad social policy.

So I give Harry Brown 9 out 10.  The reason it hasn’t got 10 is because I weren’t in it.  I’ll be back to bad mouthing the elite soon enough, for I’m suffering BSNF (bullshit news fatigue).  And on top of that, I’ve run out of beer and cigarettes and to say it is raining cats and dogs is an understatement, more like that Mother Nature’s Climate Change.  Stupid scientists (sic).





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