Global Corporate-style Governance

3 12 2009

I was mindlessly minding about the future governance of the globe planned and is very similar to the blueprint of the East India Company’s rise to prominence.

This new Imperialism is called Corporatism.  This Corporatism is sometimes refered to as the ‘New World Order’ and ‘One World Government’ with mysterious groups such as the ‘freemasons’ and ‘illuminati’ controlling it.  Half right at least, I just call them the Bastards that Be, the Corruptibles and many other expletives but to keep it simple, shall call them the Elites.  And it is these very Elites that own Corporations that transcend national boundaries, controlling the vast tracts of profitable land on every continent producing all the cargo and then providing the fleet of ships and aircraft that keep the national governments dependent on said wares.

These Supra-National Corporations own the Earth, the Industries, the Services and the very Governments that we elect.  These Supra-National Corporations pay no heed to democracy, human rights or basic morality.  Trade deals with Burma, China and the Philippines with their lack of State democracy, lax employment laws and even slave labour are the proof in the pudding of the Elite’s commitment to human rights.  The holy mantra of the Supra-National Corporations has always been “profit before people”.

Maybe it’ll be best to explain the Pros and Cons of this Control System for the Planet.

  • The Largest Corporations are usually the most efficient.
  • To achieve high-efficiency, waste is cut, so productive workers are good, unproductive are cut.
  • Management Systems and Hierarchy usually separate the Wheat from the Chaff.
  • Although sometimes they don’t and whole companies fold leaving everyone in the shit.
  • Always seeking to improve its portfolio and make adjustments when needed.
  • The adjusting may involve the transportation of entire communities for use as labour or old-fashioned ‘Eviction Order’ relocation purposes.
  • Clear grievance procedures and right to appeal.
  • Although lose that and you end up labeled a trouble-maker (and even poorer).
  • Working towards a higher ideal, changing the world, achieving the impossible and the animatistic instinct of competing in a ‘safe-enviorment’.
  • Less time for family, friendships and gently seeking an individual paths’ to enlightenment.

Yes I know it’s very hippified but if the future involves matching tracksuits with individual name tags singing songs praising ‘World Saviour Brown’, I’m opting out to find my sanity.  I’ve seen the Prisoner series and it isn’t my cup of tea.  Orwell’s 1984 isn’t much better due to the shitty vodka and shittier smokes while Huxley’s Brave New World mentions ‘antrax bombs’ so I definitely don’t fancy that path.  If those are the only ones offered, I’ll become a hermit and sit this one out.  For those who seek to destroy the world, they cannot.  They can only destroy civilisation as we know it and like the Biblical Phoenix rises up from the ashes, so will human civilisation.

Whatever the future holds I plan to be supporting Nationalism long into the next Ice Age, no matter where the Throne is, my heart will always be here in Blighty.




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