Operation White Vote

3 12 2009

Another mindless musing.  The Establishment so fear the British National Party that it isn’t just the “third-party groups”, “stooges’ outfits” and other “charity events” fronted by various questionable groups  such as the UAF, Hope not Hate, Searchlight et al trying to derail Nationalism (thus helping Internationalism) in this Nation but the Bastards that Be also oversee an organisation whose sole goal should frighten all non-blacks and is the most odious one I wish to rant about.

Operation Black Vote.

So not only did the Establishment open the doors and the ‘Official’ Opposition keep quiet, they openly encourage the newcomers to not just vote, but to specifically vote AGAINST the BNP, the only Party opposed to the State-enforced multi-culture ideology.  The Big Three are colluding with one another to secure their place at the top table so the Bastards that Be can continue selling this Nation into oblivion.

So in essence, the Establishment who have promoted and enforced (although not next-door to them) multi-cuture are also urging those very same Gov’t invitees to continue voting for the Deconstruction of Britain into nothing more than gerrymanded-to-death rotten boroughs.  And to top it all off, the Bastards that Be wish to enact various draconian laws to make sure us peasants comply.

And remember, it isn’t multi-culture.  It is multi-probmatic, multi-ethnic, multi-faith, multi-custom, multi-national and is a political tool, not a humanitarian gesture. To see it’s effects just have a gander at the European Project’s progress.  If the Nation was still Patriotic, we would never be involved, yet the populace have become disenfranchised with the land of their ancestors due to the fact that large swathes of Britain have been overcome by alien cultures, so logically think, “What’s the point?”.

So in the interests of fairness (and retaliation), may I suggest this:

Operation White Vote.

To all those non-blacks who feel disenfranchised with the Fabian-inspired ‘Divide & Rule’ type of British Gov’t, vote BNP.

To all those non-blacks who are sick and tired of ‘positive discrimination‘, vote  BNP.

To all those non-blacks who think there is no other party to vote for, think again and vote BNP.

If you don’t want your community to get the Peckham makeover as above, vote BNP.  It is as simple as that.  It isn’t racist to oppose massive cultural changes, it’s common sense.  When I went to Cork years ago, I was greeted at every pub with the statement, “I’ll take your money but I won’t take your shit”, it’s common sense (although very rude, I knew where I stood).  Surely we should adopt China White’s selective door policy instead of the current Rum & Duck pub of pack-em-in.

And to all those non-whites thinking about voting against the BNP, remember, if the British Establishment care so little about their own white working class, what makes you think they care anymore for yours’?




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