Cult of Death

4 12 2009

The madness must be contagious.  The ‘Religion of Peace’ showing a not-so-peaceful side to them in Australia.  The Cleric has cost the Australian taxpayer $1m due to the fact he has seven kids all the while stirring up the hatred bile that has earned Islam the nickname of the “Cult of Death”.  I mean this is beyond parody, if our left-leaning comics took their eyes off the ‘safe’ targets and aimed at the Dark Lords, the mad mullahs would end up insane by ridicule.  Saudi Arabian television sitcoms should have plenty of material judging by the amount of shit Western Governments allow newcomers.  If not, I sense a niche market developing in the future, although I’m sure as hell Auntie Beeb won’t be involved.

Many thanks to Rw50001 for uploading and the Green Arrow for finding it.

Time for tough love as all this liberal hugging and understanding doesn’t seem to be reciprocated.  My own view is certain newcomers invited en mass here, are taking kindness as a sign of weakness and so abusing our once good nature, causing resentment, with the Bastards that Be praying for a Allah-almighty-war to erupt to justify a God-inspired-put-down.




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