Class War? Don’t make me laugh

6 12 2009

Kenneth Clarke has an article in the Daily Mail waffling about how evil and wrong ‘Flash’ Gordon is for attacking David Cameron’s upper-crust education.  I would say Gordon was just jealous but Kenny thinks it is some political attack on the Conservative with NuGov trying to stir another ‘Class War’.

NEWSFLASH for you Kenny.  We are in a Class War.  The Political and Business Class against us, the plebs, consumers , workers and the cannon fodder alike.  We have had twelve long years of NuGov crap with an opposition that has been non-existant at times, especially when it came to the Big Decisions.

Harriet Harman went to George Osborne’s school, Ed Balls went to mine… Sorry Gordon, but the class war is over

Daily Mail, 5th December 2009

Kenneth Clarke today joins the battle against Gordon Brown’s ‘class war’ tactics, accusing him of ‘base political mudslinging’ in attacking David Cameron’s background.

Writing in The Mail on Sunday, the Tory business spokesman condemns the Prime Minister for his jibe in the Commons last week that Conservative policies were dreamed up on ‘the playing fields of Eton’.

The remark, made during Prime Minister’s Questions, was the first time Mr Brown has directly used the Tory leader’s schooling for political reasons.


There is the Political Class and then there is us, and the gerrymandering tactics of NuGov goes to show how low the Bastards that Be will go to undermine their electorate.  And all this playing fields bullshit is no different to the greasy spoon cafe where Tony and Gordon hatched their devious plan for political domination.  This Kenny makes two planks of wood look like a computer for fuck’s sake.

Pot, kettle, black comes to mind when reading this.  This pantomime must explain why so many switch off at the mere mention of politics.  Old Attacks on Old Ideas by Old Players.  Same old shit, different poxy decade.




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