Gordon Brown: adding insult to injury

7 12 2009

Another week, another NuGov attempt to draw in the drones, this time a concerted effort to show Mr Brown emphasises with Our Boys.  Last week, ‘Flash’ Gordon visited severely injured soldiers at Selly Oak Hospital in Birmingham to show his “utmost respect and admiration for the soldiers’ sacrifice, bravery and dignity” towards our wounded heroes.  That is what a Downing Street spokesperson is quoted at the end of the Times article:

Yesterday a spokesman for the prime minister said: “The prime minister regularly visits wounded service personnel. He has the utmost respect and admiration for the soldiers’ sacrifice, bravery and dignity. As you would expect, we never comment on the PM’s private visits to injured soldiers.”

Ahem, you just did mention it.  Didn’t refute the accusations but managed to put a NuGov spin on it, your paymaster will be proud.

The Bastards that Be are like flies on shit when it comes to a ‘good photo-op’ to hoodwink the electorate into believing they actually care.  Gordon & Chums have all played a part in the destruction of this country and it’s inhabitants along with countless others with their pandering to despots and dictators, and all in pursuit of the ever elusive Al Qaeda. The only place where millions of people would like to see Gordon & Chums is at the end of a short rope.

Sometimes “sorry” just isn’t enough.




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