Nopenhagen has began

7 12 2009

The Guardian is really pushing the boat out with this Copenhagen malarkey.  First they had that awful front page editorial that was so special and important, was translated and given to other papers worldwide (load of BS, not worth the link or the read).  And after the first day of ‘talks’, they have:

Hopes of a deal remain high as climate talks open in Copenhagen

UN and rich nations express confidence that a political deal is possible but the summit remains overshadowed by questions over climate aid and the science of global warming

As always, it’s the comments that I enjoy as I just cannot for the life of me read an entire Guardian piece so  usually skip to the comments.  I especially like those commentators who take such a righteous tone when dismissing the “deniers”.  As with every other ‘social engineered movement’ of the past, certain individuals who hate society see an opportunity they can change it and so have supported the idea ever since.

While one of them, a certain enhagensceptic (at 7 Dec 2009, 7:07pm) has put it blunt, casually mentioning genocide, and although mathematically correct, surely Our Governments wouldn’t entertain such an idea?  Would they?

“Does it really matter whether climate change is produced by manmade gases or nature, either way it is still a great threat and the CO2 needs to be reduced. Wouldn’t people agree it is in everyones’ interest that we have to cut CO2?
Also people who keep on saying climtae change is the biggest enviro threat facing humanity, I feel are missing the point somewhat, surely climate change is merely a symptom of over-population, reduce the population and you automatically reduce all other human induced environmental problems.”

And if anyone is still believing that ‘Big Oil’ is fighting this is, they are in la la land.  The Big Players such as the ‘Fossil Fuel’ Industries have already jumped on the bandwagon, even financing it, the Banksters are rubbing their hands with glee at the prospect of all those extra ‘tansaction fees’ that will charge for their ‘services’ and finally, the Polichickens are looking forward to the defence of enacting bad policy by telling us “it’s for our own good”.

All the little players are not worth the mention.  Plain Stupid is the most appropriate name for all those eco-groups for that consist of what our Governments call ‘useful idiots’.

I’m one of many Britons hoping this entire farce is shown up for what it is.  For if not, dark days, and I mean literally as surely this is about energy rationing, will surely be await us.




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