Meaning of Life and other mindless mindings

8 12 2009

The heaviest subjects should always be dealt with in a light-hearted fashion and what better way than a mindless way, and I doubt there are many views on life from the underclass.  I will not delve into the subject whole-heartedly due to the simple reason that some believe we were created while others feel we’re part of the universal order of things, similar to Mother Nature but I guess on a grander scale.  Whatever the reason, the base meaning of life is to live.

If there is a Creator and they created the animals and their instincts, surely the basic meaning of life is to become strong, survive, breed and prolong the survival of the species as best they can.  Us humans on the other hand are most likely a sideshow due to our natural traits, think Olympian Gods watching us as a live version of Southpark.  One of the worst traits of intelligent thought is the byproduct of ‘smart-arses’.

Yet if we are simply the universal order of things, then life isn’t so special afterall.  Our species just happens to be the luckiest pea in this pod called Earth being blessed with intelligence, even if we do have to suffer the occasional ‘smart-arse’.

The meaning of Life for the Underclass:

We come into the world kicking and screaming.

We get  through this world kick and screaming.

And when it is finally time to leave, even more kicking and screaming.

So I reckon the meaning of life is kicking and screaming.

Everything else is relative.

Unless of course you were born with a silver spoon up the arse.  Then no doubt you have been gently coaxed throughout life, and with an even greater possibility of being gently coaxed out of it.  Those lucky few.




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