Turd World Alert on St James’ Road

8 12 2009

Nopenhagen can wait a little bit for I need to share this.  Many moons ago when I was a scruffy teen I got to see first hand a newcomer from Africa coaching a small child to go number two on the pavement.  No word of a lie.  This happened while I was on lunch walking along Bagshot Street in Walworth about fourteen years ago.

I thought it was a one-off but today, on the way back from work, I spotted another African newcomer coaching her child to have another number two on the pavement.  I mean what the fuck is that?  Have we so many lost souls wandering around London that standards have been swept aside.

And it isn’t just newcomers’ bad habits that piss me off, for I’ve seen our ‘brightest’ university students do a lot worse when drunk but I have never been party to such outrages and would , most probably end up in the cells if I ever did see someone desecrate a war memorial.  Some of my compatriots need a good kick up the arse.  If I was a parent, the last place I would send my child is into one of those indoctrination centres they call “Academies”.  All they seem to produce is righteous little drones or the feral yewts ready to rampage.  Fuck that right off.  If I want feral kids, I’ll be training them who to seek, not NuGov or NUT.

Although this isn’t a rant about the degenerates we read about, this is a rant about what I have seen with my own two eyes.  No BBC camara crew editing the scenes.  No mirage as I had to swerve to miss them.  No exaggeration on my part, just stating as fact what I saw.  Now surely that is something else?  Maybe they should put that into the Citizenship test.  That and how to set-up a washing machine and change lightbulbs but this isn’t a rant about newcomers.  This is a rant about number two’s on the pavement.

Dirty bastards!




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