The Biggest CO2 producers are…

12 12 2009


Population growth has always been on the agenda but when Chatham Rules apply, the last to know are always the victims.  I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, the only way to cut 80% of CO2 is to cull 80% of the human population.  Yes, that is genocide, mass extermination, outright murder, etc.

Copenhagen climate conference: Who will dare mention population growth?

The Telegraph, 10 December 2009

The real “elephant at the summit”, however, is population growth. In spite of it being the core cause of climate change, everyone is running a mile from having a serious, frank discussion on how it can be halted. True, it’s a sensitive subject, but it will be impossible to feed an expanding population while reducing the impact on the environment. And if this problem is not confronted, all those hours spent agonising over reducing greenhouse gases and setting carbon emission levels will have been superfluous.

What a load of waffling beforehand, honestly, even I cannot believe a newspaper article with the mention of population growth in the title will leave it to the last sentence to actually mention it.  Jebus, what the holy fuck is going on with these piss poor hacks?  I mean, if they really need the money and are prepared to write shit, I know a dozen school plays need re-scripting, £10 a piece, no joke.

On a more serious note, resources are finite, our reproduction is infinite, so it is only logical that those on the top would wish to ensure that they have primary access to the worlds resources, even if it does mean ‘clearing’ us off.  And to all those who say our Government wouldn’t think of such a thing, they have many times before and will do again if we’re not careful.

And unfortunately, we have been reckless with our freedoms and so risk losing them once and for all, for today, technology is king and whoever controls the tech, controls the world.  People power?  Was never no such thing.




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