The will to live (a general rant, nothing too important)

12 12 2009

Why bother?  And I mean really bother.  Not the half-arse attempt we do now but the whole palaver, of going through motions, having good intentions and then mopping along as if we matter, I mean why the fuck bother?

Say you live to a hundred years old then pop your clogs, what was the point of learning the shit you did if all it does is give the worms a little bit more grey matter to chew on?  Honestly, how the fuck did we get out off the caves?  Fuck the beginning of the universe, how the fuck did ‘we’ get the fuck out of our nomadic ways and come this far?

We deserve fuck all looking back on our collective history, even less for ‘our’ accomplishments for all we have ever done is ‘rape’ the Earth.  We have not saved ourselves with our intelligence, we have condemned ourselves.  Not because of Climate Change or any other bullshit, it is because of that bullshit constantly promoted we are in the shit.

We know as much collectively now as our ancestors who first discovered the wheel did, sweet fuck all.  We are the dumbest creatures on this planet for we are the only creatures who take others’ answers at face value.  Any othe animal would fight for the truth while us dumb homo sapiens just nod and smile.  Sure there are exceptions but how many can put there hands up and explain the intrcate parts of human biology, space-age science or WMD technical data?  Yes, I know you can Leg-Iron, top-notch on our single cell friends, but I have yet to find an astronaut or a nuclear specialist (let me know if you are one and I will stalk you like a celebrity deserves).

Back to my rant, we’re as dumb as we always have been.

And it will be our destruction.  If you have knowledge, go for it.  Forget about morals and decency, for when it comes down to the crunch, it is the haves and the have-nots.  You either have the balls to overcome the shit, or you become the shit.  I just wish I  knew now what I did then.

I would have been a great globalist.  Still, I’ve always made a Great Briton so it is their loss, not mine.  And before any sod asks, the reason for the mindlessness is simple, I give up.  I have really had enough of all this shit so will be asking for a “Check-list” of how to be a good “subject”.  That or join Al Qaeda.




One response

12 12 2009
Sir Henry Morgan

A stone age psychology with nuclear age technology.

We’ll be back in caves, eventually, with numbers to match. We’ll probably be a lot happier for it, even if getting from here to there isn’t going to be pretty. Long pig anyone?

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