Blighty is blighted

15 12 2009

The Evening Standard today has a few stories exposing the weakness of our open border policy all dated 14th December 2009, not only with those illegal immigrants that sneak in and commit crime but also those EU Nationals to escape theirs.  This isn’t a rant about the “criminal immigrants” but a rant at our so-called protectors who have sat back and watched this happen, surely that is gross neglect and the people involved should face an inquiry.

Let’s start with Mr Jean Jacques Lemonga, an illegal Congolese immigrant who was part of a ‘black money’ scam who is now staying at one of Her Majesty’s many Time-Out centres for ‘rehabilitation’ and when released, most probably slip back under the radar for the article contains this reminder of our State Apparatus that would make a child blush with embarrassment:

The Home Office will also consider whether to deport Lemonga at the end of his sentence.

What’s there to consider you fucking idiots?  He is an illegal immigrant.  ILLEGAL.  That is the magic word for that should mean instant deportation at the end on his sentence, not fucking consider it.  If you weren’t so retarded and lax in the detection and deportation of these degenerates in the first place, I think maybe it would’ve had cost a lot less than the palaver that has occurred.

So with the above, we have an open and shut case of being able to deport an illegal immigrant yet the Bastards that Be are only considering it.

Next we have an Essex Builder who happens to be an alledged Albanian gangster involved in a very serious crime.  The builder, Ardian Rragami, posed as a Kosovan named Ardian Gashi and claimed political asylum, most probably getting it yet then began a nice new life until Scotland Yard’s extradition squad arrested him for an extradition hearing.  The alledged crime is:

Rragami is wanted in Albania, where he is alleged to have shot a man after an argument in a bar in July 1998. He has appeared at City of Westminster magistrates’ court on an extradition order.

So here we have a Albanian criminal who escaped justice in his home country and just so happened to slip through with the mismanagement of the Home Office that is becoming too darn consistent for my liking.  Suppose the best thing is this piss-take won’t cost as Mr Lemonga’s stay here, why hasn’t some sacrificial employee been thrown to quench our thirst?  Until they do, the Home Office will continue to bugger it up.  And when the little fish is humiliated from office, for the Corruptibles should surely know by now that this it isn’t the end of their political career but the beginning of a new glittery one in the EU behemoth, hidden until further needed (or retired on a vomit-inducing pension if they’re EU puppets to the end).  Today’s Polichickens have always made sure they have safe little jobs to scurry to if elected politics fails and one of their better plans was to create new safe jobs away from the prying eyes of Joe Public.  That or a peerage of course.

And to top all that off, two very nasty characters from Poland who happen to be into things I’d rather not discuss, who are thought to be hiding along with eight other foreign criminals here in Blighty.  I shall link the title to the original story with their snippet then add my two pennies then post the list.

Hiding in London, the Polish brothers wanted for child rapes

The Polish brothers, Wojciech and Dariusz Glowacki, aged 28 and 32 respectively, are wanted for at least three rapes and sex assaults on girls aged under 18.

The attacks took place in Poland between September 2000 and January 2001, after which the Glowackis are thought to have fled.

Police say intelligence links them to Acton or Slough.

Another batch of EU nationals fleeing their country, this time from alledged child rapes that if true, means they deserve the noose.  he day Britain lost control of her borders was the day our Government sent an open invitation to all and sundry, and that included the crooks and misfits.  Surely we have enough of our own degenerates to catch to invite umpteen more boatloads.

What’s more shocking though is the addition of the Extradition Unit’s 10 Most Wanted which include such degenerates as:

  1. Neculai Margineau, 49, Romanian. Wanted in Romania for murder. Links to Mitcham and Enfield.
  2. John McLean, 23, British citizen. Wanted in the States for a string of university campus robberies up and down the East coast. Links to Tower Hamlets and High Wycombe.
  3. Giedrius Rimidis, 24, Lithuanian. Wanted in home country for rape in 2008. Links to Leyton and east London.
  4. Tomasz Galas, 28, Polish. Wanted for attempted rape, drugs and human trafficking and connections to an armed gang. Links to Croydon.
  5. Zbigniew Kawecki, 55, Polish. Wanted for extortion in Poland. Allegedly threatened to kill his victim for £1.3 million. Linked to Greenford.
  6. Florin Dumitru, 22, Romanian, wanted for armed robbery in Romania. Links with Birmingham.
  7. Gintautas Rupslaukis, 36, Lithuanian. Wanted for kidnap, robbery and extortion. Links with Manchester.
  8. Marcin Grabowski, 32, Polish. Wanted for firing a semi-automatic machinegun into a Polish bar.

Murder, rape, kidnap, robbery, drugs and even human trafficking for fuck’s sake.  A fine whole mess NuGov with their Tories and Lib Dem counterparts have got us into, the utter bastards!




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15 12 2009
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