James Whittle speech

16 12 2009

Mr James Whittle, a BNP hopeful, giving a speech at a Tameside BNP meeting from the 9th December 2009 and showing what his made of.  Another Briton stepping up to the fore to be counted and as long as we’re singing from the same hymn sheet, he’ll have my support.

Kudoes goes to TitansMarch for the uploads.

Whatever your political leanings, you can at least understand how the disenfranchised feel regarding this whole sorry mess we call society.  And unless we all wish to end up on medication in the near future, I recommend voting BNP.  Britain caught a nasty international disease mixing with so many shady characters and have left the diagnosis so late, the only medicine strong enough that might cure us all is Nationalism.

If only Enoch Powell became Prime Minister instead of that treacherous poofter Heath, we wouldn’t need the BNP so another thing to blame the God-damned hippies for.  The long-haired bastards!




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