Nick Griffin making a mark

16 12 2009

At least the European Union, for all it’s faults, and they are many, have the BNP’s very own Mr Griffin in their Copenhagen delegation.  One the few who have resisted the bullying / bribing of the Establishment to continue his fight for the little man, and this time world-wide.

According to the Telegraph, Mr Griffin has compared the World Leaders gathered at these Talks to mass murderers such as Stalin and Mao.  The reason for the comparison is simple.  The two Communist Leaders caused, on purpose, mass starvation killing millions of their own people.  Fast forward to Copenhagen and the Bastards that Be wish to use arable land for biofuels which will hike up food bills and to pay for the conversion, hike up energy prices meaning less financial freedom for the world’s poor while the Super Rich carry on as normal.  And of course, when people cannot afford the basics, food and warmth, then we will see the world’s population plummet.

This mindless musing would be longer but some of us have got to keep the economy going and I don’t see Gordon Brown & Co. doing much so.




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