Nick Griffin MEP tweet alerts

16 12 2009

One of the twelve EU delegates sent to Copenhagen, Mr Griffin has an opportunity to shine once more and show what standing up actually entails.  And being the Saint that he is, has set up a twitter account to keep us all posted.

Follow his Copenhagen trail here.

From Peckham, I wish Mr Griffin luck, although judging by the discontent already forming amongst the tin-pot dictators, I think the event will be known as Nopenhagen afterwards, God willing.  Although I do wonder what the next scam will be.

I’m too shattered to go deep but found (way off-topic) tweet probably in regard to some inane comment passed among the political muppets:

X factor victor? Franky my dear, i don’t give a damn!
12:26 PM Dec 12th from Facebook

Got work tomorrow and not looking forward to it so bid you farewell.  At least it’s Christmas so a great reason to drink and be merry, even if it is colder outside than Tony Blair’s black heart.




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