Home Office’s UK Citizenship Test

19 12 2009

After reading Dominic Sandbrook had failed the test, someone with such an impeccable academic background, completing a first-class history degree from Oxford and a prize-winning PhD from Cambridge, my first thought was that this is a good sign and must mean loads of would-be Citizenship seekers would have had to make alternative accommodation plans.  Sadly though, this is NuGov’s audacious Utopian test to prep would-be Citizens to ensure a umbigorous Britain.  Once more it is cynical social engineering by the Bastards that Be to change the ancient lands and peoples into a new multicultural, multi-ethnic, multi-racial, multi-religious and free to fuck anything you want, Brave New World.

And in NuGov’s dreamland, no-one can fail, so the would-be Citizens are given the best chance possible for passing the multiple choice test with the answers all contained in a book titled “Life in the UK Test” for sale from all good bookstores.  A key to Britain for less than £10.  Doubt Tesco could beat that price.  The cost to administer all this in Britain most definitely outweighs the benefits.  I’m all for immigration, as long as it benefits Britain first and foremost.

Bringing in entire communities does not benefit Britain, only those who hold the most stock in UK Plc get a little bit richer due to the fact that more ‘cosumers’ have moved in, more National Insurance Cards have been issued, more transactions meaning more financial mutterings on a LED board with men in suits screaming “buy buy buy” or “sell sell sell”…  All great for a cancerous economy and while this continues assisted by the political classes, even less consideration is given to the long-term social costs involved.

Those at the bottom now find themselves competing with more people for less resources and yet the Government agencies responsible seem to turn a blind eye as it continues to grow at an ever alarming rate than the Country’s infrastructure (and sanity) can cope, that if something is not done to reverse the multiple personality disorder Britain is suffering from, it will surely lead into civil strife.

To help you understand an underclass perspective on newcomers, I will put it in the simplest terms.  Of course, there are many other factors but again, this is my own simple-minded view of the cost to benefit ratio.

  • Immigration Benefit to Britain: Possibly an extra worker paying taxes or an entrepreneur who creates an extra ten jobs, and maybe some valued experience.
  • Britain’s Benefit to the immigrant: Developed first world country, welfare state (NHS, Schooling, Social Care, etc), access to specially catered support groups, democracy, maintaining national identity.

So as I see it, we have an entire immigration system that accepts more than it can chew, and even though inflicting National suicide, the Bastards that Be still manage to profit from the suicidal situation it helped create, with every side involved being financed from the public purse. Utter madness.  The only test should consist of one question and that is, “Does Britain need you?”.

No more accepting the driftwood that washes on these shores, for surely there is a better way of acquiring would-be Britons.  For it’s the wannabe Britons Our Nation should be seeking and then welcoming with open arms, those who come to Britain not to be some mere citizen but to continue flying the flag for Britain, holding Her values and continuing Her traditions (and I don’t mean football or idle navel gazing currently promoted as the be all and end all).  If we had a sensible immigration policy, we wouldn’t be in half the shit we’re in.  Then again, if we were a sensible species, we wouldn’t be in any shit.




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19 12 2009
Sir Henry Morgan

Jack – you might like my latest hahahahahaha post on Wigan. Indeed, you may even want to borrow it.

19 12 2009
Jack the Ripper jr

Well worth the read, LMAO.

For those that wish to know, click HERE.

19 12 2009
Sir Henry Morgan

While I’m here – our local organiser wants me to put a permanent link to you on our Wigan blog. Unfortunately I don’t know how to do that. Can a reader who knows his way around blogger please leave me a set of idiot-proof instructions here in these comments?

19 12 2009
Jack the Ripper jr

Sadly I use WordPress and still fine-tuning this site (finding out how to do new things and trying to fix the darn problems it cause afterwards), I never trust anything that is in bed with google, any company that has to tell itself not to be evil, should be given a wide berth.

Leg-Iron has moved to blogspot but I feel even the grand bug maestro is still figuring it out.

Thanks for the gesture though. Come the election, I reckon a lot of our blogs will be scanned by the press and public alike, so a little bit of solidarity is never a bad thing.

19 12 2009
Sir Henry Morgan

Jack – you do know that “farmer John” Humphreys is one of the partners that own YouGov?

Well you do now.

19 12 2009
Sir Henry Morgan

The REAL underclass (for I am he) viewpoint is very simple:

Immigrants = more people competing for fewer jobs = lower pay.
Immigrants = more people competing for limited houses to let = higher rent.

Ultimately, that = future physical conflict a la Lebanese civil war.

19 12 2009

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