Nopenhagen round-up

19 12 2009

Unfortunately only a round-up of the news, not a full-scale biblical-style lynching of old that left thousands maimed and thousands more butchered.  The only things maimed were the bloodied protesters and the only thing butchered were the gourmet meats flown in from far and wide to cater for the twenty-five-thousand odd who bothered to turn up at this gala event.

By the way, the cost of the Copenhagen Summit was £130m, generated 41,000 tons of CO2 over two weeks, was attended by 119 Heads of state with 193 national delegations, had over 3,000 journalists covering the whole thing (with the BBC providing no less than 35 themselves), meaning that the 1,500 plus protesters were outnumbered by the press, let alone the high number of police available.  Nearly 50,000 passes were handed out to visitors yet two-thirds most probably took the pass and headed towards the nearest brothel and never showed up.

James Dellingpole provides a tiny analysis of the various media mouthpieces expressing dismay at the lack of commitment, with the excellent disembowelment of Polly Toynbee’s Guardian sponsored-rant:

…  she reveals her true colours, as she does here, I think she’s really, really scary. Her whole article teeters on the brink of demanding an eco-fascist world government to save us all from ourselves.

She yearns, like a woman wailing for her demon lover, for the righteous apocalypse…

Also in the Telegraph is an article where Secretary General Ban Ki-moon comments that Copenhagen was a ‘essential beginning’ and that “…  Mr Ban said the agreement must be made legally binding next year”.  So in the eyes of the Internationalistic* and Fascistical* United Nations, the agreement is all but binding and will be ratified sometime next year.  Global Corporate Governance looks on the cards with the total disregard for democratic accountability that is the norm in such organisations.

And I finally recommend the Daily Mail’s take on these events, for it has many different snippets which includes the golden one below:

Mr Brown had offered to hand over £7.5 billion in extra cash to developing countries to sweeten the deal. He also offered to cut Britain’s carbon emissions by an eye-watering 42 per cent – 10 times the level offered by the United States.

But in a further humiliation Mr Brown was not included in a list of world leaders personally thanked by Barack Obama for their contribution to the talks.

The 11th-hour deal followed two years of negotiations and a fortnight of intensive talks aimed at saving the planet.

‘Flash’ Gordon wanting to “save the world” again by promising to hand over our cash and cut our emissions, and still fails to get the praise from Saint Obama he so visibly craves.  Hopefully we can rid ourselves of Brown & NuGov in the next six months but Obama has another few years at the helm, and with him being a corporate stooge, only see the IPCC getting stronger.

Even though the Bastards that Be haven’t agreed in public, I’m sure a lot of backroom deals have been made to ensure the speedy implementation of the Copenhagen Treaty next time they meet, all the Corruptibles need now is a luxury destination.

For an honest view, visit Mr Griffin’s tweeting about the event, here.  I’m still going through them myself and will post the best ones I see tomorrow (whether anyone beats me to it or not).  It is worth the read, whatever your political persuasion.

* I know these are not kosher English words but if Shakespeare can make words up, so can I.




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