RT News: Nick Griffin at Copenhagen

19 12 2009

Russia Today must has a soft spot for Mr Griffin or actually consist of real journalists, not the NUJ-dominated gutter-press-pack that infects Britain.  Either way, always nice to have a nice straight and forward interview.  Once more in regard to Copenhagen and this time in response to the Climategate email leak from the Russian skeptics’ perspective.

Kudos to JustProud1 for the upload

Like most gravy trains, once they get started, they’re hard to stop.  Sometimes the only way to stop these trains is to physically derail the things, carriages and contents alike.  Hopefully Copenhagen will become Nopenhagen but judging by the sheer audacity shown by the Bastards that Be over the last few decades, fear that the whole Climate Scam Express will join up with the equally questionable European Fascistic Express.  And sadly, the EU Juggernaut rolls on no matter what the obstacle, be it democracy, financial irregularities or outright corrupt practices.

Hoping for the best but fearing the worst when it comes to large Governmental organisations, and you can’t get much larger than Global Governance.




2 responses

19 12 2009
Sir Henry Morgan

Hi Jack – nicked this for Wigan – with accreditation.


Still arguing with our resident Egyptian river over at our place.

19 12 2009
Jack the Ripper jr

Kudos for the link back to the Arms of the Lunatic.

Don’t know how you cope, I use sharp retorts, sing “la la la” and pray to the Good Lord daily that no trolls show up.

Thankfully, this one only left a little stain, and seeing as it was my first, thought I keep it. A sort of memento so to speak.

Haven’t heard a peep since though (touch wood).

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