Auntie Beebs’ Ethical Man

20 12 2009

Justin Rowlatt is the BBC’s Ethical Man.  One of those “look at me, I’m so smug, my farts smell of sunshine” type smucks.  Not satisfied in saving the world (while stupefying us peasants) with his carbon cutting ways, he wishes to try it on with the vegetarian angle .  How meat is murder, cruel, inhuman, damaging the earth and now, da da dum, food shortages resulting in starvation.

Think before you carve

BBC Ethical Man blog, 20 December 2009

Now, someone who promotes vegetarianism using Hitler as a poster boy surely isn’t the right man for the job, yet here he is, giving hidden praise to one of History’s darkest figures.

…  Adolf Hitler managed it and so did Linda McCartney. Indeed, the government’s former chief economist says we should all do it.

He even then calls meat-eaters monstrous carnivores when in actual fact, we’re omnivores.

And I am sure lots of us carnivores would be a lot less keen on our mixed grills if we had to look all the animals that go into them in the eye before they were served up on our plates.

Mr Rowlatt then goes on at length to proclaim the negatives leading to the bloody obvious.  More people need more food, more food needs more land.  Problem is over-population, not animal-based products.

But this blog isn’t about sending you on a vegan guilt-trip..  Neither is this blog about the bizarre animal ingredients I discovered might be lurking in even the most innocent-seeming foods..   It is also not about the incredible health benefits..  Nor is it about how the food we eat is destroying the planet..  though, if you will allow me a little boast – we in the Ethical Man team pretty much got their first..  It is about another aspect of the food we eat – the threat of an impending food crisis.

And where has Justin been for the last thirty years?  Judging by the following paragraph, not in Britain.  Our Government would tax the gas exclaimed from our arseholes if only they could measure it correctly (and I have it on good authority that some of CRU’s top men are working on such a device).

But would any politicians have the courage to impose a tax on meat? They are reluctant enough to impose taxes on other, more directly polluting, behaviours.

So all in all, a pretty poor attempt at changing our natural ways.  Yet, like many articles that allow comments nowadays, it attracts a nice selection of people espousing a wide range of views, from the health-conscious fascist who knows best (paraphrased);

15. At 10:39am on 20 Dec 2009, KiltedGreen wrote:

Personally I don’t think ANYONE has a right to meat consumption or to two children and that attitude is on a collision course with the reality of where we are right now. I doubt that the International Declaration of Human Rights champions either or those two lines of thinking. How about your obligation to leave the world of the future a better place than when you arrived in it?

I love my food and I’ve never missed meat or fish one day since becoming vegetarian. I don’t think I’ll ever be vegan though I realise the ethical implications of the dairy industry too. But I’ve cut my dairy and egg consumption dramatically since 1985 and at my total health check last year my GP told me that my overall score was excellent for my age. I walk and cycle which helps but as we can see with the look at obesity rates and general use of the NHS, we must take responsibility for our own body.

Vegetarianism is part of how I try to relate to the world I’d like to see and am trying to create – it’s not just a ‘diet’ subject to some fashion. It’s rooted in who I am now.

And always someone to dramatically shine the harsh light of reality onto proceedings with a quote from a world-famous movie franchise (full);

17. At 10:41am on 20 Dec 2009, slantey wrote:

In the past century the human population of this planet has increased enormously owing to the eradication or control of many life threatening diseases and man’s obsession with living longer, multiplying and saving countless millions around the planet threatened by starvation etc. As agent Smith pointed out:

“I’d like to share a revelation that I’ve had, during my time here. It came to me when I tried to classify your species and I realized that you aren’t actually mammals. Every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with its surrounding environment, but you humans do not. You move to an area and you multiply, and multiply until every natural resource is consumed. The only way you can survive is to spread to another area. There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern. Do you know what it is? A virus. Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet…”

Yet always contains a comment rooted so deep in common sense, it goes right to the core of the argument and should, in all fairness, make the original author sit-up and take stock of where his ‘good intentions’ may actually lead (paraphrased);

11. At 10:34am on 20 Dec 2009, bigsammyb wrote:

When it comes to the environmental consequences of meat consumption this is being argued in a similar way to the puratanical ‘reduce your carbon footprint’ people, intentions may be good but it misses the point entirely.

Whats the point of reducing meat consumption/reducing your carbon footprint when you are merely delaying the inevitable?

We need to stop using carbon 100% to solve the problem ergo we need to find a solution and we need to stop increasing world population and demand for food ergo we need to find a solution.

All this ‘ethical man’ stuff is a red herring. We need investment in technology to SOLVE the problem not merely put it off.

So all in all, another BBC inspired agenda being shot down in flames.  I would laugh but know that Mr Rowlatt’s job is not only safe but guaranteed due to the likes of KiltedGreen minded supporters who wish to see the majority of us return to the caves.

Damn hippies.




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