Mr Griffin’s twitter report

20 12 2009

I’ve edited the following tweets from Our very own Saint Nick, who went into the Lions den and has survived to tell the tale.  Actually, he gave us a play-by-play account of the event, and although most of the snippets are simple exclamations, some are very telling indeed.  After reading this though, I hope Mr Griffin delays the last-minute Christmas shopping and publish a full account of the people and organisations involved this International scam.

Click the below picture for Mr Griffin’s tweet sheet.

I’ve put them there in the sidebar too, OCD kicking in again.




3 responses

20 12 2009
Sir Henry Morgan

You haven’t got any political “betters” Jack.

The mainstream politicos we’ve got are our political worserers.

20 12 2009
Jack the Ripper jr

They’re better provided for, better protected, and what really kicks me in the nuts, better educated (well, some of them) than me.

Sure I have my plus points but while they have the silver spoon, I have to make do with my fingers.

Thanks for the Sunday boost. Needed something to warm me up, this promised global warming isn’t coming like the Naughty Boys sad it would.

20 12 2009
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