Hannan’s 10 Reasons to vote BNP

21 12 2009

‘Cos the Tories arn’t going to do it.  Dan Hannan MEP, the only Conservative who actually wishes to conserve Britain’s Sovereignty has blogged ten reasons why we should leave the EU (I personally have thousands, most of them French*).  For the life of me I cannot understand the motives for Mr Hannan to be in the Tweedle-dee, Tweedle-dum club if he holds such strong views.  A man of principle needs to follow it through, making a noise here and there while hoping for the best way to help the Nation.

The following are Dan’s ten.

  1. Since we joined the EEC in 1973, we have been in surplus with every continent in the world except Europe. Over those 27 years, we have run a trade deficit with the other member states that averages out at £30 million per day.
  2. In 2010 our gross contribution to the EU budget will be £14 billion. To put this figure in context, all the reductions announced by George Osborne at the Conservative Party Conference would, collectively, save £7 billion a year across the whole of government spending.
  3. On the European Commission’s own figures, the annual costs of EU regulation outweigh the advantages of the single market by €600 to €180 billion.
  4. The Common Agricultural Policy costs every family £1200 a year in higher food bills.
  5. Outside the Common Fisheries Policy, Britain could reassert control over its waters out to 200 miles or the median line, which would take in around 65 per cent of North Sea stocks.
  6. Successive British governments have refused to say what proportion of domestic laws come from Brussels, but a thorough analysis by the German Federal Justice Ministry showed that 84 per cent of the legislation in that country came from the EU.
  7. Outside the EU, Britain would be free to negotiate much more liberal trade agreements with third countries than is possible under the Common External Tariff.
  8. The countries with the highest GDP per capita in Europe are Norway and Switzerland. Both export more, proportionately, to the EU, than Britain does.
  9. Outside the EU, Britain could be a deregulated, competitive, offshore haven.
  10. Oh, and we’d be a democracy again.

When Brown & Co’s NuGov relinquish command of the European Project, Dave “the Heir to Blair” Cameron’s Conservatives will continue the slow subjugation of Britain into the European Superstate so thanks Dan for confirming to the people to vote pro-British parties.  And there is only one Party that has sworn to protect our borders and that is the British National Party.  To do so would leave no choice but to leave the European Council so shows the absolute committment to this political promise.

The British National Party believe in Democracy (there goes the fascist tag), Education not indoctrination (free thinkers leads to free minds and everything that entails), Preserving the National Culture and Peoples (we’re the Panda’s of the species) and above all, Nationalism (Can’t have a Nation without it).  They do sound like the best bet to me.  Otherwise it will just be more of the same, just a slightly different flavour.

* Still, you gave us tennis




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