The Pope knocked down at Vatican mass

25 12 2009

No details as of yet except a lady in the crowd tried to touch the Pope on his way to perform the traditional Christmas Mass.  This clip is from CNN and has been kindly uploaded by BNPxTRUTH.

Still, glad God’s man is okay, not for His Holiness’ benefit as he has a golden ticket to paradise if he followed the scripture correctly.  No, I’m glad the Pope was able to complete his ceremony more for the umpteen millions of Catholics around the world (including some of my dearest).


The Beeb have a better positioned video of the actual event but still very little detail as to why.  He did take a tumble though the poor Pope, even I felt that fall.




2 responses

25 12 2009
Red Squirrel

One never knows when a nutter will strike. Glad His Holiness was OK; it could have been much worse!

26 12 2009

Pop The Pope new pc game coming to a store near you soon, bit like knock down ginger using religious icons as weapons…..Also Bash The Bishop 2 in the pipeline… racist, non political but always out on the streets opposing the radicals…..God Bless You All…SAS

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