“EU National” executed in China

29 12 2009

It isn’t my wording, it’s Auntie Beebs’.  The “EU National” happens to be a foreign-born Briton caught with 4kgs of heroin.  For those that do not know, that is a lot of money.  Of course, Mr Akmal Shaikh claims he knew nothing of the stash and since 2007 has been in the process of trying to prove it.  All this talk about mental instability belies the fact that the British National was well enough to travel alone to China.  And of course, facing the death penalty will change a man’s personality somewhat, so again, this must be taken into consideration.

So a Chinese Court found him in violation of Chinese Law and has finally faced Chinese Justice.  The reaction from the West is predictable.

Gordon “I’m fucking useless” Brown, incompetent in No.10: “I condemn the execution of Akmal Shaikh in the strongest terms, and am appalled and disappointed that our persistent requests for clemency have not been granted. I am particularly concerned that no mental health assessment was undertaken.”

David “Commie” Milliband, Britain’s face to the world (and what an smarmy-looking mug it is): “I… deeply regret the fact that our specific concerns about the individual in this case were not taken into consideration… These included mental health issues, and inadequate professional interpretation during the trial.”

Philip Alston, UN special rapporteur (I haven’t a clue either): “We are informed that the initial conviction was based on a 30-minute hearing which would not seem to indicate due process or effective defence or presentation of evidence.

We are then told that in the appeal requests to present medical evidence, requests to the court that it should appoint an expert to assess Mr Shaikh were all rejected.

So, it’s not very encouraging in fact that the Chinese courts were so dismissive of what appears to be at least a strong initial case.”

Sally Rowen, legal director of campaign group Reprieve (a criminals’ wet-dream group): “The death of Akmal Shaikh is a sad indictment of today’s world, and particularly of China’s legal system. We at Reprieve are sickened by what we have seen during our work on this case.”

All of the above wanted clemency for Mr Shaikh, not to overturn his conviction but to have his sentence commuted to twenty-odd years in Prison.  I’m no economist but I have a simple grasp of maths and surely the cost of incarceration is a lot more than the cost of a bullet (even less for rope).  Why should the Chinese spend anymore money on this convicted drugs smuggler?

And all this talk about barbaric China’s death sentences doesn’t take into consideration that China has a population of 1.4 billion souls.  So the 1,700 or so executions they perform each year is tiny compared to their population.  Unlike other regimes where the incarceration, torture and subsequent deaths are not only committed by the State but overlooked by us in the West, such as Uzbekistan.

The consistent hypocrisy shown by Our Political Masters astounds me.  And the insistence of the “EU Nationals” tag just adds insult to injury.




5 responses

29 12 2009
I am Stan

Well he`s dead now so it doesnt really matter any more does it.

29 12 2009
Jack the Ripper jr

Maybe dead but that isn’t stopping the West using this as a political football. And to think, I didn’t even know of this case until after the Chinese “wreaked” Copenhagen.

Strange to say the least considering just a few months back the West were applauding China’s progress, with even the US Whitehouse draping itself in Communist Red, fawning at the feet of the new Asian giant.

Interesting times we’re living in at least. Well, those that don’t get caught at least.

PS: Loved the Santa pics

29 12 2009

I see no reason to offer sympathy to the family of this idiot. If he chose to carry illegal drugs into a country known to have the death penalty, then he deserved what he got.
If the “bleeding heart liberals”, and the, “Oh dear!! poor misunderstood damaged in the mind fellow, he didn’t know what he was doing” brigade persist in their belief, then they have got it arse about face.
if this person was not of sound mind, then WTF was he doing travelling the world on his own, where was the responsible adult?
Always a fudge when the s##t hits the fan. Oh poor me I am not responsible for my actions, it is the fault of society, not mine.
Should have charged the family for the bullet, maybe they will get commission for the organ harvest.

30 12 2009
Sir Henry Morgan

The family should consider that he got it easy – a jab and go to sleep. I would have given him a different sort of a jab – made of lead and in the base of the skull.

And how could he claim he didn’t know it was there? Try carrying four bags of sugar … you’ll know it’s bloody there just fine.

30 12 2009
Jack the Ripper jr

Totally agree though instead of lead, all four kilos of smack should have been injected, send him up before he goes down.  Can’t be fairer than that.  They should do it with all drug mules.  See them soon stop after a few dozen ODs.

Enjoyed your post regarding that racial blog.

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