Fuming minding!

30 12 2009

The Charity Commission, most probably under orders from above, have begun an investigation into the Taxpayers’ Alliance usage of the charity status.  According to their own guidelines, organisations may not be charitable if they have political purposes.

So if the Commission are so keen on them, why not Searchlight and the UAF mob?  Their only purpose is to bash the BNP, a legal democratic party.  Nothing charitable about that and all too political that surely warrants an investigation?

Or is it because they’re left-leaning.  After all, the Commission have investigated Policy Exchange, Civitas and the Reform Research Trust, all right-leaning organisations.

Then there are the hundreds of other charities set-up and financed by our very own Government for the simple purpose of ‘creating a consensus’ to push through ever draconian laws, from fat to smoking to drinking to drugs to even God-damned speeding.  Whatever they want, they just ask one of their own publicly funded bodies who if brave enough to disagree, will find themselves unemployed.

Organisations may not be charitable if they have political purposes, according to commission guidelines.

The Bastards that Be couldn’t give a shit about whether or not the Taxpayers’ Alliance is Tory-run, opposing NuGov & Co. is enough to make anyone a target for investigation and then subsequent ostracization from all things nice.

Disagree with their immigration policy and you’re labelled a xenophobe.

Disagree with their poofters policy and you’re labelled a homophobe.

And now, if you set-up a charity to expose NuGov’s incompetence (and theft), and you’re labelled crooked.  Damn this Government to Hell.




2 responses

30 12 2009
Sir Henry Morgan

Nothing there I can disagree with Jack. Oppose them and they investigate you – harrassment in any language.

There’s not any sort of an election coming soon is there?

30 12 2009
Jack the Ripper jr

I’m not surprised by their actions anymore, just saddened.

O/T but thought you’d like to know about a Facebook group set-up to deport the murdering Aso Mohammed Ibrahim back to Iraq.  I’ve dugg the story which can be read here.

Click here for the Facebook link too.

I would write a post on this, but I’ve got work to get to (and am already bloody late! lol)

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