In responce to Tom Harris MP

30 12 2009

I know you wanted Labour zombies who rave at the success of the State’s intervention into every orifice of our private lives (then sold them details to many clients), yet sadly want to add my review of Labour’s twelve horrendous years in power.  For those of you who haven’t read his post, click here for I don’t wish to tarnish my blog with the words of Labour stooges.  Wouldn’t touch em with a barge pole and was only alerted to this posting by a retweet from the man in mask and cape (OH, not Batman), for if I wanted to get depressed, I’d watch Eastenders instead of following the Corruptibles.

I’d like to give a compliment sandwich if I may.  It is business speak for first offering a compliment, such as that’s a nice picture and then the criticism, then lastly another compliment to soften the blow.

Nice picture Tom.

Now a little history of my relationship with NuGov.  ’97 Labour came in, just as I left school.

Personally I make a grand a month working 160 hours and then the State takes more than 30 hours of that for the pleasure of actually working.

I smoke and drink so the State takes ever-increasing amounts of my money.

I sometimes smoke dope and am criminalized for it.

I have a broad sense of humour yet would be vilified for it.

I live in Peckham, born and bred, and have seen my borough transformed into an African hub.  It didn’t bother me when I was young but since ’97, I have seen an influx of thousands of new faces popping up from every neck of every wood, jungle, swamp,  marsh and sand pit on Earth congregating here.  All in their own little clicks doing their own little thing.  How has this been beneficial to me?  I’d like an explanation.

And maybe a rhetorical question:  Have we as a Nation been a raving success?  Sadly, if we go by the figures, the division and the lack of democratic accountability (unelected Brown then unelected Mandy & Co.) and everything is surely “No”, cos everything we say or do is wrong or immoral by NuGov’s standards, some having been literally turned upside down (eg Section 28).  Nothing is too taboo to tax.

To me, Labour’s policy of getting em in and stacking em high is the worst GovernMENTAL act committed in the history of Holy-mother-of-God-f**k-ups.  Simple mathematics isn’t difficult.  I don’t want to live surrounded by thousands!  Would you?  But that is what Labour is planning.

We need MORE of everything due to the wanton waste not just signed in by your Corrupted Government but the entire Parliamentary system post-1945.  We lost our political bottle then.  Too many bleeding heart liberals wanted Britain to wipe Her hands clean of the Empire, and ever since we have been running around with our tails between our legs.

People don’t vote cos they know it’s fixed.  The most important cogs in the machinery of State are no longer elected but lurk in the shadows directing you useful idiots to vote whichever way most beneficial to them, not us.  Unelected Prime ministers and unelected former disgraced (and recently) Lords (eg:  Many, Martin, Kinnock, etc) are just the proof in the pudding for being rewarded for corruption.

You and your ilk have perverted democracy into some sort of twisted ideology to rival everything before it.  Even though DeMOCKracy has always been a game for the crooked, and like elephants, the underclass (who still outnumber you and your NuPolice) have long memories.  When the poor were given the vote, nothing so valuable such as that power would be gambled by those who had it. So they allowed (and supported) various “fringe” parties to operate and divide the vote allowing the Main Stream Parties with their Main Stream Coverage to hoover up the deluded who actually believe the BS.

Sadly, the smarter we get as individuals, the dumber we get as a species.  For Labour’s time is over and the Conservatives will win and continue the rot from within that has plagued the majority for way too long.  The best thing we can have after this is a hung Parliament.  Independence from the State is a long way of due to the fact that the EU is now these Islands’ master.

For that is the worst thing Ted Heath and all that followed have done to this Nation.

I hate Labour.  I hate the Tories.  I hate all those who swore to protect us and failed either through incompetence or collaboration.  I hate the way I’m treated as a free-range slave while the pets of the State are given free rides on the back of my work!  Of course, if only I bend over and received State-aid my troubles would all be over for sure, but then there goes the last of my freedoms.  The freedom of choice.

For you are only as Free as your Wallet permits.  And successive Corruptibles have been stealing from us, even with the new Carbon taxes planned which will increase all food costs and push even more onto the breadline.  And after the breadline comes dependency.  And there Labour is with Her crooked smile and dodgy teeth, arms open welcoming you into her bosom of crap and misery.  That is the plan of Government, the carrot and the stick, and I think Our Parliamentary System has run out of carrots.

Labour failed.  The Conservatives will fail.  The Liberal Democrats haven’t a fucking clue.  Ukip maybe and definitely the BNP are worth considering.  LPUK I’m just not sure about.  Too easy for the degenerates to infect that.  And they will in due course.  Our adversaries are not all as thick as the stooges frontmen MPs, Lords and other detestables.

Now for the last compliement.  Did I mention the photo?

I’m voting BNP every chance I get.  And if that don’t work out for me, I’m becoming a Muslim Lesbian Policeman.




4 responses

31 12 2009
Sir Henry Morgan

” I sometimes smoke dope and am criminalized for it.”

Yeah – I got four months suspended for a year for growing my own a few years back.

Was good stuff too – better than any you can buy. Don’t do it any more, but I can definitely be considered an expert. Police were ok about it, and the cop in charge of the bust wanted to caution me, but wasn’t allowed to – it all had to go to the CPS, who decided otherwise.

Ah well – guess I’ll leave the Criminal record checks alone eh?

31 12 2009
Jack the Ripper jr

At least we’ll have something more in commmon than patriotism Sir M.

Happy New Year to you and yours.

31 12 2009
Sir Henry Morgan

” … I’m becoming a Muslim Lesbian Policeman.”

Called Loretta, by any chance? And yes, we will oppress you. Promise.

31 12 2009
Jack the Ripper jr

Bugger (sic) lol

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