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31 12 2009

As it won’t be busy in work today and seeing as it is best to start partying at around 10pm, I thought I’ll post some news items of various interest I’ve dugg.  I like digg as it allows comments.  I don’t like digg though cos I was banned once.  And I had dugg’d over five-hundred items that interested me.  That’s how I treat it, a way of keeping all the pages I need somewhere accessable from anywhere.

First, I’m a space-man although you won’t see me strapped into some rocket, tempting for sure but I don’t think my stomach (or blood pressure) could take the G-forces involved, so this story is in regards to the Russian Space Agency putting together a plan to divert an asteroid from a possible (1-37 chance but now higher) of hitting Earth.  Discovered in 2004, the Russians plan a joint effort with NASA and the Euro space amateur centre (NASA has all our scientists, and I mean Europe, not just Blighty).

Of course if accomplished, that would be something to be proud about.

Finally reaching up and touching something that has been flying around the galaxy for tens of thousands of years that possibly threatens our very existence.  Still, the only way to ensure our survival as a species is to go forth and multiply but this development is a step in the right direction.

Second story is one I do not know for the life of me got into the Telegraph.  San Fransisco’s seal population have left the bay where they have attracted tourists for over twenty years, yet their disappearing act was stated as “abrupt”.  Last time I checked, seals like most other animals will leave areas for fresh ground for a variety of reasons.  Cold, food, predators, getting pissed off at stupid British tourists taking pictures while children gawp and scream.  Although a short article, the statement from Mr Boehm points to the possibility that it may be due to the weather, explaining that they’ll be back in the springtime.

Well shoot me down but again, why is this worth the time of day?  I was expecting another pro-climate-change-human-being-bad articles telling me it was my fault for filling the kettle with a few millilitres more water than needed.  Even the picture is crap.  Apologies for this one but I was so shocked to read this non-story I had to comment on it so had to digg it as the Telegraph doesn’t seem to allow comments on this one.  Strange as it would not jeopardise any investigation.

Also, the news that Peter Moore was released is great news but even the BBC are reporting that is has raised questions as to how is was accomplished,  Although it gives no details only various speculation, it does leave the impression that a deal was done.  Still, great to have another British soul back, even if he is a computer geek (sic).

The following story is important though, for it once again shows the depths that the Corruptibles will go to ram through their legislation.  It mirrors many other ‘front’ organisation that are run for the purpose of coercing communities into a more ‘collective’ mindset, even if it does go against freedom and liberty.

With the wide-open borders and raffle-ticket visas, people have flocked here from the world over, this demands space and homes of course, and the only way NuGov can continue importing people is by coercing the local communities to give up their green space and settle into high rises and new Communist style blocks.  Who wants to live in some sort of ‘Judge Dredd’ megablocks surrounded by thousands of people within a few hundred yards?  Absolutely no one of course, yet those who have been pushed down to the bottom of the pile end up with little choice and will bear the brunt of the failed housing projects once more planned by Government, and it doesn’t matter if the colour of their rosette is blue, red or yellow, for all have exactly the same policies regarding immigration, border control and above all, EU rule.

So many ‘special interest’ groups that rely on Government funding ‘producing’ and ‘polling’ and being bloody conniving, try to coerce us peasants to submit willingly to their desires.  Well, I didn’t do what I was told last decade and I’m not about to start now.  The one thing I shall be doing different next year though is making a lot more noise for enough is enough, I cannae take nay more!

Still, enjoy yourselves and be safe.  A lot of lunatics will be out there due to the closing of this blog for the next 48hrs.  So if you see me in my top hat and handy little sheath, please do not disturb me as I am a very busy man.  That’s why I have already saved a New Year’s message to be posted on the 1st of January, 2010.  Still doesn’t sound right.




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