Dissociative identity disorder: Britain

31 01 2010

“Dissociative identity disorder (DID) is a psychiatric diagnosis that describes a condition in which a single person displays multiple distinct identities or personalities (known as alter egos or alters), each with its own pattern of perceiving and interacting with the environment.”

from Wiki

If Britain was a human, She’d be suffering from the above disorder.

Take a wander through the many diverse streets in London and see 100 different national flags flying from the flats overhead.  The Government and their agencies all tell us that is a joy for us to live in such a vibrant and colourful place and we plebs should bask in the glories of this division.

If this was so grand though, shouldn’t we holding hands and singing Kumbaya?  And why the hell would we need a multi-million-pound race relation industry monitoring us if this is ‘natural’?

Of course you know the answer but when so many tell you the same lie, it is difficult to dissent, for no-one likes to be labelled a bigot.  But this isn’t about bigotry, and most if not all wish no one harm based on the shade of their skin, it is simply that the tolerance is running low.  The Establishment since 1945 have slowly been eroding our identity and communities sowing division where there shouldn’t be any.

And if the Establishment succeed in ridding Britain of Her Patriots, then it will only be a matter of time before She is finally carted off to the Mental Asylum with the European Union keeping watch.

So do your Nation a favour and vote BNP.  What’s the worse that could happen?

No offence intended to those suffering from this terrible infliction on the mind.


Tripe Sites

30 01 2010

One is a Conservative front group run by two Tory Toffs, Nothing British about the BNP.  And so is any other blog that takes them for their word, a tripe site.  Prime example is the BNP-bashing Hurry Up Harry.  Which, considering the constant accusations of dissenters as anti-semites, must be ran by Joos.

Harry has regurgitated Edmund’s (Blackadder?) “Sick BNP ‘Christians’ compare immigration to Hitler’s crimes in Poland” hatchet piece.  Once again proclaiming that no-one has been wronged as much as the Joos and to make any comparisons is anti-semitic bullcrap.

My comment is through but seeing as most Nationalists wouldn’t touch this site with a  can of cyanide barge-pole thought it best to repost it here.  The jist of the article is how Mr Griffin “shouldn’t use Persecution of the Joos in Poland (espcially lebensraum) as a comparisaon to the displacement of Britons”.  My reply is as follows:

If only the Pharisees didn’t kill the Messiah, maybe you joos would have something to moan about (sic).

We have all lost something in our past. Continually blaming the goyim isn’t the answer. This is how conflict begins.

We goyim get knocked down, we pick ourselves up, dust off and carry on. Every other group screams blue murder and fake horror to right the perceived wrong.

And I’m sick of it.

I never wanted to live in a multi-cultural Britain. Why should I tolerate my Nation being handed over to foreign interests, be it Mr Punjab down the street or Kraft cutting up the economy?

And yes, importing umpteen millions of people to displace the indigenous Britons is exactly like lebensraum. What happens to the people already in Peckham? Do they just magically vanish and make room? Why should they tolerate the ‘enrichment’?

You can blame the BNP all you want but it wasn’t them who invited the enemy to set up shop here.

You say celebrate the diversity. How can we celebrate the divisions that are slowly destroying this country? For that is what diversity is. Divide & Rule. Yet you internationalists don’t care for the nation anymore than you probably care for what’s outside your front-door. It’s all about power and money to you, no matter what the social cost for the vast majority of a Nations’ people.

There is nothing conservative about the Tories, that is for sure.

How many is too many?

30 01 2010

Those who are pro-immigration (or see being anti-immigration as ‘racist’) are deluding themselves.

Why?  Simply because they cannot see the bigger picture.  A small trickle of immigrants, even the funny ones, is fine and dandy.  Enticing one and all here with dreams of first-class benefits while dangling passports in their faces, encouraging them to propagate themselves and thus dominate an area, isn’t.  It is common sense to keep any potential conflict to a minimum, that is what a Government is suppose to do.  Protect Her people, prevent possible trouble and defend the Nation.

How is importing umpteen different cultures good for community cohesion?  We’re an island so protecting our borders should be easy.  Alas, to do that would mean less work for the Corruptibles and their cohorts.  No multi-million pound industries with the lawyers and the bankers all taking a skim of the profits for perceived persecutions.  Whoopee-bloody-do!

Immigration is a very emotive subject for some for so many have empathy for people who undergo such hardships.  Problem is, by only focusing on the good warm-fuzzy-stuff, like refugees safe, away form the threat of death, the came-with-nothing but made-a-mint Behemoths of Enterprise, the foreign footballers from Brazil dazzling the fans… the royal ‘we’ completely miss the flip-side of that emotive response…  The displacement of the unskilled natives, the ever increasing multi-nationality of neighbourhoods, the increase in diversity that literally divides communities…  This is the reality of the situation.

I was asked the reason I stay in multi-varying-African-national-cultural Peckham if I dislike it so much.  My reply:  this is my home, not just a place to put my head.  My ancestors have been in Southwark since the 1600s.  My grandparents remember the times when Politicians (or at least the opposition) could get things done.  Work was plentiful and State-provided services were working to perfection, if not still in the early stage of development.  They were not asked if they wanted Peckham to become 75% black.  They don’t remember any political party putting this in there manifesto.

Like it or not, people prefer to be in their own cultural clicks, be it the minority of goths or the paper-gangsta gangs serving up rocks in the park.    The more diversity, the more division, the less united.  If we need workers so bad, what is wrong with the work-permit system?  We’re only a small island, we cannot continually expand throwing all caution to the wind without considering the impact this is having.

And now with a little logic and basic mathematics:  We cannot have an infinite population on a finite piece of land.  Do we really want to live in faceless Megacities?  20,000 of us crammed into ‘cosy’ apartments?

We humans are the most devious creatures on the planet.  We might be intelligent but our collective lack of foresight will be our undoing.  This mass importation of turd worlders  into Britain is doomed to fail.  The promotion of multiculturalism is doomed to fail.  Allowing foreign pseudo-religious-political-cults into Church of England territory is doomed to fail.

They say we are a tolerant people, yet the meaning of tolerance is to imply a temporary situation.  You wouldn’t tolerate a child punching you in the arm, no matter how soft it was.

So considering it is temporary, how much diversity should Britain accomodate?  How much division can we tolerate?  And more importantly, how long can we tolerate it?  Of course, the answers to these is simply “You’re a racist”.

The foolishness of the Deluded Wing on the Left is that they never get past the history of WW2.

Immigration has been used throughout history as a weapon.  Move in people with little attachment to the land to dilute the national character, thus making it easier to rule.  Of course, like Rome, it’ll peak and then implode, and while those with the means to flee, flee, those left behind suffer the consequence.

A Possible Reason for this Diversity?

Since 1945 the common man has had the vote.  Before then, only those who owned land or property could vote, and nine times out of ten, a few well-placed shillings would decide the vote.  World War II changed that due to the fact the men who fought and died in the war were made up from all classes, so as long as you registered in the borough, you was entitled a vote.  This of course unsettled the Ruling Establishment.  The common man having a say in the running of the Nation.  Especially after seeing the effects of Communism and Fascism.

Before mass immigration, the population consisted of different classes.  At the top were Royalty and the political class who could do no wrong (somethings never change).  Then the Upper Class including the globe-trotting industrialists of the time, no matter what backwater they came from.  Then the middle class, those that either owned small businesses or had professional jobs.  Second to the bottom but a little better off were the working class who made up most of the population.  Of course, there was and always will be an underclass.  That is why Law & Order is needed with suitable punishments available.

Another interesting part to the equation is the dismantling of the British Empire.  All those former colonies breaking free from Her Majesty’s Government’s grip.  This too worried the Ruling Class.

So the Bastards that Be dropped the dress-code for entry and invited umpteen millions here from the turd world.  Not for humanitarian reasons or even to fill the job gaps (temporary visas would have been more suitable).  No, the reason was simply to displace the working class, increasing an “us and them” atmosphere and thus continuing the Status Quo.  A wild accusation now but devious minds wishing to maintain leverage over the former colonies could not do so in person but need ‘frontmen’, and who better to recruit from than the newcomers.

The Masters of the Universe know every trick, having performed most of them.  From the biblical battlefields of old to the modern quagmires of today, the corrupted Pharisees who oversaw then inspiring our televised Leftarded Rulers.  Our people are awakening though and after the General Electiom, we will have a voice loud enough to wake more up.  We will prevail.

God Bless the BNP!

“Smash the Establishment!”

If you know the answer, feel free to let me know.

Labour Hates You!

29 01 2010

And so do the Conservatives, the Liberal Democrats, the other stooge parties, the third-parties (UAF), the fake charities (Searchlight), and the many other detestables’ who seek to destroy Britain.

A man’s death in the woods’ inquiry results are sealed for 70 years.  Mmm…  The second Iraq Inquiry dubbed the ‘Chilcot Inquiry’ invites a bunch of lawyers to argue the rights and wrongs all contradicting eachother and confusing us plebs.  Mmm

Then the Devils’ Advocate himself took the seat and immediately wiggled out of it.  Globetrotter and walking cash machine Tony BLiar is one crude operator.  Proving once again why Lawyers are never to be trusted to make laws.  They never follow it and make too many!

This isn’t a democracy no more.  It should be renamed deMOCKracy.

We’re told lie after lie, from foot & mouth, swine flu, ozone holes, melting ice,probably lie about their favourite colour! We’re denied vote after vote, be it capital punishment, immigration or the dreaded EU.

We are no more freer than those slaves that worked on plantations three-hundred years ago.  Except now, we beg to work on those ‘plantations’.

The game is fixed for no matter where you look in the mainstream, they all seem to support eachother, be it Media, the Corporates along with the Establishment.  They only invite us when it is time to pay the bill!

It is how it always has been.  They pass the buck along the lines, distract us with bullcrap blaming the scapegoat (Joos, Muslims, Whitey, Darkie, Martians, wrong kind of snow) then dish out the dictates.  Create the problem for a pre-planned solution.

I cannot believe that since the end of WWII in Europe, we have been ruled by those who before (and during) said war, would have been interned and possibly shot for their anti-British rhetoric!

Election after election the Buggers that Be promise us milk and honey yet always fail to deliver blaming someone somewhere.  Of course, a Government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always rely on Paul’s support.  Usually enough for Paul to get a few of his mates to secure his living.

Internationalism destroys Nations, Nationalism saves them.  Look at all those Nations with the soldiers with blue hats, that is globalisation!

A grand conspiracy to install a ‘Corporate Elitist Globalist Caliph’ encompassing the Earth has been underway since the beginning of time.  It is many a demon’s dream to control the planet.  We haven’t just got to keep an eye on those 646 MPs but the ones who bankroll, thus control them.  Not only the 646 but also the…

800+ Lords, Ladies, Dukes, Barons and anyone else who sleeps in the upper chambers

1000’s of councillors

100’s of Judiciary to “sort out”

100’s if not 1,000’s of “NATO” inspired Generals

10,000-25,000 civil servants playing Winston Smiths’

30,000+ ACPO Coppers (and 100’s of funnyFTACdoctors)

50,000+ Common Purpose “Graduates”

Then there are those that follow the orders.  So probably a few million or so, all with a little more to lose than the rest of us.

That is why we’re neck deep in the brown stuff.  And the whole Parliamentary Process since 1945 has stank to high heaven of corruption and deceit.

Considering the ever increasing choice in the high street, we seem stuck with the same polichickens who pretend to be all things to all men!

We’re damned if we do and damned if we don’t!

UPDATE: Kudos to London Patriot for highlighting this petition:

NuGov’s EHRC attacks BNP…

29 01 2010

…  once again

Once again the Marxist-Nazis in Government take aim at the British National Party, with professional black Trevor Philips with his tax-funded Equality and Human Rights (for everyone else except white indigenous Britons who happen to disagree with the social engineering that the Fabians and Marxists, under the guise of espionage in the 50s, the infiltration of Universities and Labour Unions in the 60s, the Labour Party in the 70s, etc etc have conducted) Commission are attacking Britain’s only hope.

Nevermind that this ‘updated’ Race Relations Act is not actually in force, so desperate to smear the BNP that they bring out new laws intended to stop them (and only them).  Of course, when it does become Law, the BNP will have changed their constitution by then to fit within the new Act.  Until then, this is just a State-financed operation to drain funds from the BNP’s coffers.  For they do not attack any of the other semi-political groups such as the National Association of Muslim Police, the Black Lawyers Association or any of the other thousands upon thousands of ethnic ‘support’ groups.

Those minority groups are encouraged to promote themselves while us Britons are told not to.  Have we got to wait until we’re in the minority to be allowed those rights?

Freedom of Association & Freedom of Speech are not to be permitted for the white indigenous Britons.  We cannot oppose multiculturalism or european integration with being labelled racist or xenophobic.  In effect, this is no longer our Country as they will not hear us and do not see us.  We are not entitled to seek a redress.  We are not allowed to dissent from the ‘approved’ mantra of diversity.

The Corruptibles do not want us to have a homeland.  They do not want us to hear our concerns.  The ‘political puppets’ all scream “fascist” and “racist” at the British National Party yet it is them who are the fascists and racists.

They seek to deny us our democracy and forsake our people futures.

This is a declaration of war on our entire heritage.  The plan to change the United Kingdom of Great Britain into splintered communities, playing each of the other while those at the top make out like bandits is becoming clearer everyday.

Labour, Conservatives, Liberal Democrats, EHRC and all the other race relation industrial businesses, Unions of all stripes, those third-party groups such as the UAF mob and fake charities like Searchlight, and with so many Common Purpose Graduates who are in so many different orifices, all united in conspiring to destroy the British National Party.

They do this not to protect Britain and Her people.  They do it to destroy Her.

Another reason to vote BNP this coming election.  For when the Government tells you facts, you can be sure as the nose on your face that it isn’t for your benefit.

Safeguarding Democracy

27 01 2010

Seeing as our Polishittens cannot be trusted to support our democratic freedoms (EU referendum), perhaps a Military Mandate free from the Bastards that Be can be forthcoming from the inevitable fallout this coming Election will bring.  Or course, to avoid abuse of such things, markers would have to be set, lines drawn and plans made to avoid becoming a Military Junta.  And of course, that would possible but no more than it is now if the orders was given.  One of the biggest dangers of EU membership is the prospect of foreign troops on our lands under an EU mandate.  Using the same tactic as Rome did, incorporating the conquered into their armies and having them provide the military order over other conquered peoples.  Lack of attachment to the people from the troops would make those ‘difficult’ orders easier to carry out.

I pondered this as it has kept Turkey democratic and secular in the past.  Whenever the Government is seen to be abusing the power entrusted in them, in comes the Military to insist on resignations.  And if a tank is pointing at your office, it’s an offer that cannot be refused.  The following article is in ragaeds to a possible coup against the AK party that currently governs Turkey.  I say possible due to the fact the General has stated that they’re contingency plans.  The best plans you can have are contingency plans and the reason should be obvious to every sod with a brain cell.

Suitcase of documents reveals plan for yet another very Turkish coup

Times, January 28, 2010

The slides show photographs of tanks plastered across maps of Istanbul, the routes they are to take clearly marked. One gives details of how 52,000 loyal troops might overpower up to 200,000 enemies — not foreign invaders, but Turks of unacceptable political views.

An audio recording has a voice that sounds like Cetin Dogan, the former head of Turkey’s First Army, haranguing a military seminar about the evils of religion in government. One document entitled Balyoz, or Sledgehammer, which has General Dogan’s name on it, says: “The final aim is to take all precautions, including suspending democracy, until the fundamentalist apparatus is eliminated, never to resurface, and none of its members remain.”

When the the Justice and Development Party (AK) swept to power in 2002, its leader, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, promised “a new clean sheet” in Turkish politics. Seeking to assuage fears that his party, comprising former Islamists, would try to do away with the country’s secularist tradition, he said that he would back the campaign for EU membership and greater integration into the world economy.

But according to evidence seen by The Times — 5,000 pages of scanned documents, CDs of slides and 48 hours of audio recordings — in 2002 and 2003, only a few months after Mr Erdogan and his supporters came into government, several Turkish generals and dozens of officers began detailed plans for a coup and its aftermath.

If true, Sledgehammer joins a series of plots, allegations and fears of a “state within a state” bent on the overthrow of AK and the defence of the hallowed secularism of Kamal Atatürk, founder of the republic and its first President.

Turks are used to military takeovers: four governments were toppled by the army between 1960 and 1998. But what is so shocking about Sledgehammer is that it seems to lay bare in unprecedented detail the blueprint for staging a coup — and a way of thinking that many believed was becoming dated.

“My source brought the originals of all this stuff in a suitcase one night last week,” said Mehmet Baransu, a journalist for the combative Taraf newspaper, who broke the story. “He had been in the First Army and was uncomfortable with developments.”

AK’s pro-Western, pro-market reforms kickstarted a period of economic growth and secured longed-for recognition as an EU candidate. “There was no crisis, nothing wrong, yet they thought a military coup was needed,” said Yasemin Congar, Taraf’s deputy editor.

General Dogan originally dismissed the documents as contingency plans before denying outright that they had ever existed. However, the digital imprints on the files lead back to military computers and were last modified in 2003. Taraf has handed the documents to Istanbul prosecutors.

His voice is recognisable and he has all but admitted the tape’s authenticity in various television appearances. Other voices are also identifiable.

Many military personnel are named in Sledgehammer and related documents. Ibrahim Firtina, who went on to command the air force, is linked to a plan for a Turkish aircraft to be downed and the attack blamed on Greece to create the nationalist unity needed for a coup. Also implicated is Ozden Ornek, former head of the navy, whose name has been linked to other coup attempts.

Whole teams of soldiers are identified clearly and their roles outlined in plans to detonate bombs in mosques and then incite the survivors to riot, creating the impression that fundamentalist Islamists are on the move. In an extra twist, the main Sledgehammer document contains one paragraph discussing how to take advantage of the chaos in the event of co-ordinated attacks by al-Qaeda in large cities, especially Istanbul. It was written several months before two waves of simultaneous al-Qaeda suicide attacks against the British consulate, the HSBC bank and synagogues in that city.

There are lists of journalists for arrest and unbiddable judges to “retire”. A senior aide to Mr Erdogan is named as among those set to lose their jobs. Stadiums are to be prepared for mass detentions. An interim Cabinet is outlined and an insular, interventionist economic plan is drawn up.

There are long lists of officials graded according to usefulness or otherwise. A top prosecutor who nearly had the AK party shut down is favoured. One official is listed as useful because his womanising makes him easy to manipulate. Another is marked “Leftist, just, upstanding — not to be trusted”.

There are other alleged plots dating from 2004, with enticing names such as Moonlight and The Glove, going through the courts, pointing to a sustained effort to dethrone AK ever since it came to power. A mass trial in Istanbul is examining a series of crimes linked to an attempt to overthrow AK through a campaign of violence by a shadowy right-wing group known as Ergenekon.

Yesterday 17 people were charged with plotting to overthrow the Government; more than 200 people, including officers, lawyers and politicians, have been arrested since the case came to light 2½ years ago. Ergenekon is said to be similar to Sledgehammer: a campaign of bombings and other attacks to sow chaos and “force” the army to intervene. The military has denied any link to the alleged plot and critics of the Government call the trial a way of subduing AK’s opponents.

This week Mr Erdogan all but said he knew about Sledgehammer at the time. “Do you think we don’t hear about these things?” he told a meeting of senior AK members. Apart from the numerous coup allegations, his Government has survived legal attempts to have AK banned as well as assassinations of its members.

“But we don’t like tension so we got on with our business,” Mr Erdogan added. “Unfortunately, so did they.”

Military muscle

In 1971 Süleyman Demirel, the Prime Minister, resigned in response to a military memo calling for the restoration of order in what became known as the “coup by memorandum”. Martial law followed for the next two years In 1997 the Turkish military issued a memorandum calling for Necmettin Erbakan, the Prime Minister, to step down as he was a threat to the country’s secular order. He did so without bloodshed or political upheaval, leading the event to be labelled “the postmodern coup” The 2007 “e-coup” took place when the military, amid a tense presidential poll, issued an online statement saying it would not stand by if secularism was threatened. It was an implicit threat to the ex-Islamist Abdullah Gül, who became President anyway Source: Reuters

Still, the idea is a good one (although needing a lot more working out than I have done).  For so long as Her Majesty has control of the Armed Forces and Parliament in charge of the Police, with this Global “War on Terror” added into the equation, surely there is a massive conflict of interest in play here.  Too many interests feeding of eachother while starving us of any real power.  Sure it is all grand if the Establishment are benevolent but unless Our Boys (with the heavy weapons) can guarantee Our Own Democracy, it shall always be open to perversion.

It’s only treason if you fail.

As General Dogan and pals will (sadly) find out.

Those poor Haitians…

27 01 2010

After a 7.0-magnitude earthquake tore down Port-au-Prince causing 200,000 deaths and leaving a million homeless, the breakdown in law and order with machete gangs and police shootings…

surely the Haitians have suffered enough?

Well, sadly not…

John Travolta flies plane with scientologists to deliver aid to Haiti

John Travolta has flown a jetliner into Haiti’s earthquake ravaged capital to deliver relief supplies along with doctors and Church of Scientology ministers.

Telegraph, 26 January 2010

The 55-year-old Hollywood star arrived as troops in Port-au-Prince struggled to maintain order two weeks after the 7.0-magnitude earthquake that left 200,000 dead and one million homeless.

Desperately hungry Haitians overran a group of UN peacekeepers trying to hand out food and machete fights broke out over tents which were in desperately short supply.

Travolta, accompanied by his wife, Kelly Preston, piloted his own Boeing 707 from Florida with six tons of ready-to-eat military rations and medicines.

As well as teams of surgeons, plastic surgeons, trauma specialists, and cardiologists he also brought Scientologist “volunteer ministers” who claim to be able to heal victims with the power of touch.

Travolta said: “We have the ability to actually help make a difference to the situation in Haiti and I just can’t see not using this plane to help.”

Amid the mass of aid agencies piling in to Haiti the Scientologists have been visible in their yellow T-shirts, fanning out among patients outside Port-au-Prince’s General Hospital.

Explaining how they heal by touch a “volunteer minister” called Sylvie said: “When you get a sudden shock to a part of your body the energy gets stuck, so we re-establish communication within the body by touching people through their clothes, and asking people to feel the touch.” She was tending to Oscar Elweels, 22, a student rescued from the basement of a school. His right leg was amputated and his left leg was severely bruised and swollen.

“One hour ago he had no sensation in his left leg, so I explained the method to him, I touched him and after a while he said ‘now I feel everything’,” she said.

However, doctors at the hospital were sceptical. One American doctor, said: “I didn’t know touching could heal gangrene.”

Travolta’s mercy mission was the third Scientology sponsored flight to get into to Port-au-Prince’s overstretched airport.

Surgeons and supplies, good.  Crack-pot-religion, bad.  Still, with Voodoo a thriving brand on the island, probably prime recruiting grounds for the scientologists.  They might be wacky but they sure as hell ain’t stupid when it comes to propagating their ‘religion’.