Money, NuGov and the Unions

11 01 2010

It has long been understood that the Unions have been corrupted for a long time.  The donations to the Labour Party, past and present, has been known longer.  What probably isn’t much known is that while NuGov have been in power, public money has been funnelled back to their various doners, this time being the Unions.  Although I guess anyone who ‘flatters’ an MP gets the some sort of kickback.

TUC gets millions from government foreign aid pot

Carl Mortished, The Times, January 11, 2010

The Government is giving the Trades Union Congress millions of pounds from its foreign aid budget to pay for the education of British trade unionists and to support advocacy work in Britain.

The payments by the Department for International Development (DfID), which include a £2.4 million grant, are evidence of a deepening relationship between the DfID and the TUC, which is being urged to help the government department to set development priorities.

The new grant, for 2009-11, is made under the Partnership Programme Arrangement (PPA). This is a system of funding set up to support dedicated aid charities, such as Oxfam or ActionAid, that have a record in international development.

The TUC has been offered a PPA despite an independent review of the DfID’s development advocacy work that examined the department’s relationship with the TUC and found “little evidence regarding the effectiveness of the individual projects”. The money awarded under the PPA, of which the TUC has already received an instalment of £900,000, is not confined to work in developing countries. The memorandum of understanding between the DfID and the TUC indicates that among its key aims is advocacy, specifically “activities to build support for development in the United Kingdom that are likely to contribute to a reduction in poverty in other countries”.

When asked why the Government was using money earmarked for aid to developing countries to pay British trade unions, a DfID spokesman said: “The TUC performs vital work in protecting workers in the developing world from exploitation and improving their often hazardous working conditions.” The spokesman added that the grant would be used “largely for development assistance”.

And that is it.  Tax to Government, Labour to TUC, Donations to Labour.  NuGov working with the Unions to fleece us from all angles while spunking it away on frivolous vanity projects at best, or deliberate acts of sabotage against the Nation at worst.  And with great pleasure introduce my new election campaign;

Operation White Vote

If NuGov and it’s affiliates think it is proper to pander to the BME groups with Operation Black Vote, I shall be doing the same for my own team.  I want my Nation to stay British, not become some congregation of the turd world and so I ask Britons if you’re…

Sick of out of control immigration and the constant promotion of multi-culture?

Sick of every Tariq, Dialo and Abdul setting up shop and then demanding a ‘little extra’?

Sick of Our Boys (& Girls) fighting and dying for the democracy elsewhere while Our Polishittans dismantle Ours?

Sick of the ever encroaching marxist-inspired EU?

Then vote  or an independent if none are standing, for the disease we’ve got, only a Nationalistic remedy will cure it.




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