‘Get em young’

12 01 2010

The Marxist school of thought which was built on the knowledge of tyrants past, propagated by institutions such as the Fabian Society, is that adults are too set in their ways for social re-engineering so turn their entire attention towards the children.  Placing them onto a conveyor belt, programmed with leftarded bollox, then pushed into the real world singing the praises of those who damned them.

Barry Obama

Dianne Abbot

How about Hamas?

And who else have used such methods to shore up support?

The Italian Fascists with Duce Duce

‘Uncle Joe’ Stalin (sung about kids)

And of course Adolf Hitler

So if you have kids, time to look into home-schooling.  Pink Floyd said it best.

It is a lot, but with so much history on video, be thankful it is now I’m posting this for in another decade, with all the AGW, Ozone, Y2K, Bird flu, Pig flu, Manbearpig bollox, this page would be two miles long.

Operation White Vote

If NuGov and it’s affiliates think it is proper to pander to the BME groups with Operation Black Vote, I shall be doing the same for my own team.  I want my Nation to stay British, not become some congregation of the turd world and so I ask Britons if you’re…

Sick of out of control immigration and the constant promotion of multi-culture?

Sick of every Tariq, Dialo and Abdul setting up shop and then demanding a ‘little extra’?

Sick of Our Boys (& Girls) fighting and dying for the democracy elsewhere while Our Polishittans dismantle Ours?

Sick of the ever encroaching marxist-inspired EU?

Then vote  or an independent if none are standing, for the disease we’ve got, only a Nationalistic remedy will cure it.




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