Operation White Vote

12 01 2010

This quick video to explain exactly why we need an Operation White Vote.

Why should we continue to vote for our neighbours when it is we that suffer the consequences?  Why should vote for more differences when the ones we have already are divisive (and opposing)?  There is no excuse to throw your vote in with the competition.

Do you really wish to become a minority in your own country?




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12 01 2010
Sir Henry Morgan

A bit off topic Jack – but this series of short films will go down a treat. They are all in order episodes 1-5. I’m going to post them on Wigan day after tomorrow when my latest elephant trap has been read by a few people here (and Christ it was hard work gathering the data proving Labour has no interest in our Liberty or free speech). That’s two elephant traps I’ve lured them into in three days. The first one was the best though – was seriously hard work as – I believe – he was a professional dirty tricks specialist from the Labour party HQ – but I eventually got him not to admit – but to BOAST that he’d shagged an nine-year old girl (supposedly my daughter … well, she was nine once:)). He was truing to get me mad (basic psyops) but in the end I got HIM mad (I know more and am better practiced at psyops – I’m the real deal in that sphere).

Anyway, these are the films I think you might like enough to post them. You can have them before I put them up:


12 01 2010
Jack the Ripper jr

Much obliged, I’ll leave them with this little post, it is relevent due to the fact that war creates refugees, refugees move next-door to me and the war we’re at is over hundreds of years old.

As I explained on your magnificent pieces of blogging, for journalism is so low brow nowadays, blogging is the new standard of news distribution, I am green with envy at the success you had, especially against the Labour Stooges.

12 01 2010
Sir Henry Morgan

And now you’ll know why Islam HAS to be gone from here.

12 01 2010
Jack the Ripper jr

I’ve said before, they need a renaissance.

We cannot change them, they have to change themselves.

That said, we need to trim off the Marxist’s who are trying to create a Brave New World, with the turd world supplying the epsilons while leaving us to die in filthy wards, wars and general misery.

We will prevail, for we are not as stupid as Wat Tyler.

13 01 2010
Sir Henry Morgan


I’ve put an update on that latest Wigan post. I guarantee you will like it. You have a cameo part in it. Just scroll down to “UPDATE”.

I’m taunting them.

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