The Three Stooges

14 01 2010

We have been betrayed by Labour’s NuGov, the Conservatives before that and the Liberal Democrats always.  They are like Larry, Curly and Moe from the old Three Stooges sketches.  No matter what they aim to do, they always seem to end up in the opposite direction.  We were promised years ago that Europe was just going to be a trading pact by all three, the biggest lie and the one that should make you cast your vote BNP’s way (or an independent if none are standing).

For it was the Tri-Party system that have overseen this snail pace of degradation that our once proud nation has suffered, turning entire communities into a quagmire of warring tribes, all battling it out for whatever scraps available.  All three are in on it, has to be for what opposition to this has there been?  Everyone of those Red, Yellow and Blue MPs do as they’re told from the Whips, even voting for or against (or even abstaining) when told to do so.  So do your country a favour and vote

What better reason do you need than the well-known fact that the Establishment want to “bash the BNP”.  Want proof of that?

State-sponsored leftarded group UAF attacking the BNP (an assortment of various leftards who either work in the “Media”,professional students and all sorts of freaks, geeks and anarchists).

State-sponsored leftarded Unions, Quangos and other dubious State-linked organisations attacking the BNP (The aphlabet gangs such as NUT (teachers), NUJ (journalists), TUC (public workers) and even the bloody ACPO (Common Purpose Cops)).

State-sponsored Satanic Churches attacking the BNP (grace & favours equals grace & favours).

State-sponsored Celebrities attacking the BNP (all that music isn’t free).

You’re on the internet, just connect the dots and see that the ones’ screaming “Fascists” and “Racists” are in fact the real bigots. They do not want us  free but dependent on them and only them.  They hate us and wish to change us.  But first, they need us to want to change.  And the best way is fear and they know it.

These tyrannical Marxist, Hitler, Stalin and every other dip-shit tin-pot dictator inspired leftist subversives who infect our Public Services are the traitors who brought this devastation into our own homes.  All in the name of “progress” and giving our Nation unto to the enemy.  The destructive and perverse minded, at every turn attack the very fabric of our peoples.  Every bond that has served us close for millennia, be it religion, family, our very race.  Even something as simple as mother and father is derided as the Bastards that Be seek total control over our youth, for it is the youth who are the future.

That is why we need to vote these Corruptibles out.  Whoever gains power will have a tough job, better that than these Stooges finishing theirs.

Operation White Vote

For they continue to promote the invaders, the perverse and all the various destructive policies of control to aid our annihilation from history, then they won’t need an Operation Black Vote.




3 responses

14 01 2010
Sir Henry Morgan


A slightly different approach to tribalism and tribes. And a piece of rhetoric I’m quite pleased about. You’ve seen the films, but not read the writing. An honest opinion is welcome. Not really used to doing this rabble-rousing rhetoric stuff.

C’mon, lets rouse the British, and roust out the aliens. And I mean OUT.

Readers who haven’t watched the films – please do. They’re worth it.

And you’re quite right to emphasise the English, Welsh, Scots, Irish bit. We were almost the same to start with, and yet it still took us hundreds of years to get used to living together – how in the hell do they expect to import millions of aliens and expect us to “love thy neighbour” straight off, just like that. They are cretins.

15 01 2010
Jack the Ripper jr

With so many great minds to plunder, anyone can come up with a rousing speech nowadays.

We just need a few well placed ones, for I honestly believe if Enoch Powell’s one could be reworked somehow, the BNP would trounce any opposition at the polls. Sir Powell was ahead of his time, a visionary. That speech needs modifying to account for what was said and most importantly, how (the royal) we can put it right.

It’s a tall order but a few eureka moments is all that’s needed.

I’ve had to speak up for the workers once in the while, just need to stop swearing or start hiring Ozzie Ozborne’s ‘BEEPING prop’ man. But I am no orator, too much of a Sarf London twang with too many “sw-eet mate”‘s lol

17 02 2010
Local Gov’t versus National Gov’t « My mindless mind mindlessly minding

[…] fibs, I’m more likely to believe the Local Authorities.  The sooner we get rid of the Three Stooges, the better.  Either through incompetence (not a crime), corruption (is a crime) or just due to […]

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