SHHREB slams Southwark

16 01 2010

Southwark has always attracted (and encouraged) the wrong characters and organisations.  With such a diverse crowd to please it can be a juggling act to satisfy one without offending the other so I truly understand the difficulties our local councillors face on a daily basis.  Yet time and again they show themselves to be out-of-touch with reality, incompetent or just too darn corrupt.

The Council ended the partnership with (thus funding) the Southwark Human Rights, Race and Equalities Bureau (SHRREB), who now accuse council of not “reporting on progress” trivia to divert attention from the scam it was (still is).  So many of those race relation industry watch-dog, voice-of-the-community, lovey-dovey touchy-feely feel-good groups, doubt Peckham will miss them.  These parasitic ‘groups’ just love to meddle in the private affairs of individuals, making them public issues of paramount concern that need indefinite funding for ‘promotions’ and ‘projects’ and ‘education’.


Oliver Pugh, Southwark News, 15 January 2010

(unedited) An axed race and equality watchdog has lashed out at its former paymaster Southwark Council, saying it has failed to deliver equal opportunity to the borough.

The allegations come just two weeks after it was accused of the very same failings by the council and given the chop.

Last week the ‘News’ reported the sacking of the community group, Southwark Human Rights, Race and Equalities Bureau (SHRREB), after a fourteen-year partnership with the council.

The authority said after “a number of years” of providing extra help, SHRREB had failed to deliver on its promises to promote racial equality and human rights.

But the new chairman of SHRREB, Colin Hunte, denied there had been longstanding problems and said the council had made a mistake.

“Unfortunately, for the past two years SHRREB has had organisational problems, but this did not stop us delivering a programme of work to fight racial discrimination, and promote human rights, and equality of opportunity in the borough.”

“It’s easy to pick on us as the council has done, but the new Council of Management of SHRREB will remain intact, regardless of funding, to keep a Race Equality and Human Rights watch on the council. We consider that the council is not delivering on equality of opportunity issues and feel an independent organisation, like SHRREB, must now subject them to pressure for change.”

He added: “Local people should know that Southwark Council is not reporting on equality progress, as it must by law. To continue to do nothing about equality and human rights locally would lead to community outrage.”

Southwark Council’s executive member for citizenship, equalities and communities, Cllr Adele Morris, said: “The council takes all its equalities and human rights duties seriously and will continue to promote good community relations. But SHRREB was not delivering the services communities need, so it was clear the time had come to draw the line and look for alternative ways to provide this vital service.

“I understand SHRREB is disappointed at this decision, but I am determined that Southwark Council will continue to have an equalities and human rights watchdog and I look forward to working with the various communities to achieve this as quickly as possible.”

With such lovely sounding words such as ‘Human’, ‘Rights’ and ‘Equality’, how could I be offended?  Once you see that they primary look after those who seek asylum here, I can.  Another diversity promoter.  How is importing more runaways ‘good’ in any sense of the word for community cohesion?  Have we not got enough diversity in Southwark yet?  My very own Peckham only contains 25% White British, isn’t this equal enough?  What about my tribes’ Human Rights as indigenous peoples?

At least the Native Americans got beads for their land, our Government coerce us stuck-at-home Britons to pay for the immigrant invasion!  SHHREB being just another front for Public money to ‘divesify’ Britain.

Just another reason for Operation White Vote.

If block-voting is condoned by the Three Stooges, thus continuing this diversification, surely they cannot oppose us Britons who object to such a transformation taking place, from doing the same?




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25 02 2010

U seem to have the same problem as Southwark council in terms of your interpretation of appropriate services and diverse communities.

Firstly SHRREB (correct spelling)deals in majority with immigration not Asylum and if you understood this you would know that there is a huge problem with people who have been here for many years and due to changes in law are unknown or outside the system is it not better then to regularizes their status where appropriate instead of the endless complaints about the black markets which eats into the economy without contributing. May i also add that the legal work is not funded by southwark council.

You state that Peckham only contains 25% white people where did you get this information from does the council agree I would be very interested to know?

What people need to understand is that this organisation is here to support the needs of the people living within it All communities we do not pick or choose any community group can get assistance from us. SHRREB has consistently argued that the average white British person in Southwark needs have been neglected and the needs of the people who work every day and don’t need the kind of support that new arrivals to the country have are different but consideration has to be given to the people whose communities are changing like you, ( remember the housing list and how long you have to wait) where one day you know everybody in your street and the next day its like a UN convention and its hard to find some-one who speaks English.

The decision to withdrawal funding is because after 14years of the council being too scared to engage the BAME community due to fear of accusations of discrimination and racism. They now have an opportunity to put the blame on a newly elected board who have nothing to do with the history of 14 years and use it as an excuse to get rid of a problem they have never understood or be able to solve. Hence white people like you feeling that money is being wasted or that we are trying to attract run away goods into the community. Wake up some of them have been here for over 20 years living amongst the community and since they got here prior to any changes based on the war on iraq in immigration lawa etc may not be on anybody system.

You need to recognize that the council does not provide any services to people with no recourse to public funding. You need to understand that some of the more established (early migrants) BAME groups in Southwark e.g. Vietnamese, Caribbeans may also feel exaclty the same as White home grown peckamites. The problem is to create a community standard that is acceptable to all residents with people taking into consideration all others.

The question which remains unanswered and concerns me as a resident in southwark, is with the economic down town, and almost 60% of the community on income support as their main source of income, new communities with little understanding of the English constitution, indigenous communities feeling there getting less because too many people who have not contributed to the system rely on it. That together with Southwark being a borough with a very young majority age group could lead to alot more problems for people who are trying to just live their life and better themselves irregardless of where they started from.

25 02 2010
Jack'd Ripp'd

I’ve dedicated an entire post in relation to your comment. Your input is more than welcome.

25 02 2010
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