Southwark splashes the cash

16 01 2010

Southwark Council know how to spunk money up the wall, that is for sure.  I’m all for public libraries but these modern ones have far few books preferring a few computers with a dodgy mouse and having ‘focus groups’ meetings.  Wouldn’t give a damn if it cost a £1,000,000 but £14,000,000!  Come on?  Surely there is better things to spend that amount of money on?  After the construction is complete enriching around thirty builders and designers alike leaving half a dozen Council jobs created costing £1,000,000 per year?  Is that really worth it?


Oliver Pugh, Southwark News “Exclusive”, 15 January 2010

(edited) The controversial  ‘inverted pyramid’ library at Canada Water will cost £1.1million every year to keep it running.

Steeped in problems from the start, the budget for the four-storey building ballooned by nearly fifty per cent during the planning stages.

The striking building was designed to over-hang the dock, sit on top of the Jubilee Underground line, and will end up costing Southwark £14.1million.

But at an Overview and Scrutiny Committee meeting at the Town Hall this week, Southwark’s finance director, Duncan Whitfield, revealed the library would cost £1.1million to run each year.

Labour’s Regeneration spokesperson, Cllr Chris Page said: “The Lib Dems have completely lost control of the overspend on Canada Water Library.

The Peckham Library cost almost three times less and is multi-award winning for its architecture.”

Although a beautiful looking piece of architecture, the problem with these new designs are the extravagant prices charged by the trendy ‘desingers’ along with the increased costs involved in maintaining such creations.  Case in point is the London Assembly which is cleaned at great cost while Peckham’s Library seems neglected.

No wonder Labour and the Liberal Democrats rule the roost here in Southwak, they employ most of em!




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