White Guilt – Slave Wars

19 01 2010

History being perverted to instil guilt about the Trans-Atlantic slave trade where there is none is wrong.  For one, those who suffered are all dead.  The other reasons I will leave to the video to explain.

Kudos to TheGenocideScrolls




One response

19 01 2010
Imperial Echoes

I’ve never owned a slave .. and to the best of my knowledge & belief neither have any of my English ancestors ..

Therefore, why should I be expected to feel in the least guilty ?

If indeed guilt is to be apportioned, let’s begin with the African tribes who went into the “interior” with the deliberate intention of capturing their fellow Africans in order to sell them ..

Let’s take a long hard look at the Islamic world, long-time Slave traders .. before touchy-feely, bed-wetting liberals start on us ..

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