Corruption (or incompetence) in Southwark

24 01 2010

Labour-controlled Lambeth Council have been spending money like it’s going out of fashion.  Never mind the crumbling buildings, the lack of facilities for the vulnerable or the distinct lack of services, for these degenerates have better things to spend rate-payers money on.  Namely, themselves and their cronies.

Lambeth Living consultant’s £338 cab bill

South London News, Thursday, 21 January 2010

A HIGHLY paid consultant to a town hall’s council estate management firm ran up a £338 minicab bill in a month.

The housing expert, who was paid more than £17,000 per month to advise Lambeth Living, spent £338 on cabs, leaked invoices have revealed.

The consultant was later told the social housing firm would not cover the cost of minicabs in the future.

A leaked memo, dated November 6 last year, stated: “This is not a funded area within your budgets for 2009/2010.

“This account is for council or Lambeth Living employees only.”

Lambeth Living spent more than £1million on consultants between April and November last year.

The total company payroll cost for the same period was £10.25million – meaning more than 10 per cent of the wage bill has been paid to consultants.

Lambeth Living was set up by the Labour-run council to manage more than 30,000 council-owned homes.

A million quid on consultants?  A “Lambeth Living” cab scheme?  And it isn’t just Labour willing to waste our Southwark’s cash as the Lib Dems and Tories are guilty too.

Southwark spends £10k on second opinion

South London News, Monday, 18 January 2010

A TOWN hall spent £10,000 on a second opinion after healthcare regulators branded it among the worst performers in the country.

Lib Dem/Tory-run Southwark council was among eight authorities named and shamed by watchdog the Care Quality Commission (CQC), on December 3.

It said the borough’s care services for the elderly were only “adequate” – the second lowest of four possible ratings.

It said Southwark only provided the “minimum requirements” for residents, that out-of-hours services for OAPs were “stretched”, while the authority’s capacity to improve was “uncertain”.

It said the call centre gave “mixed results”.

The town hall said the report was not based on any evidence and paid £10,000 commissioning an independent body for a second investigation.

Council chief executive Annie Shepperd justified the expense by saying it would cost £60,000 to carry out changes recommended by the CQC.

She said: “We therefore consider it a prudent financial decision.”

Opposition Labour health spokeswoman Councillor Dora Dixon-Fyle said: “For the administration to rubbish the findings of the entire report and spend £10,000 on trying to prove it wrong is beyond belief.”

So in trying to wiggle out spending rate-payers’ resources on improving services, spent £10k to give it the all clear instead.

Labour, Liberal Democrats and Conservatives are either incompetent or corrupt.   I’d prefer the latter seeing as it isn’t against the law to be incompetent.  Then again, after a career crook gets a free holiday, I have little faith in the Justice System.




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