Monday pick-me-up

25 01 2010

Another start to a working week and the motivation for going is getting less and less.  Is it natural to feel more and more disconnected with a job the longer you’ve been there?  This is the second time I’ve been in a job that has lasted over five years and the itch to leave is growing.

Still, enough doom and gloom.  To brighten up your day, I’ve posted some of sport’s most gorgeous beauties to oogle.

Hope you enjoy looking at these lovelies as much as I do.




2 responses

26 01 2010
Sir Henry Morgan

Five years Jack?

Lucky you – it’s about six months with me.

26 01 2010
Jack the Ripper jr

I’ve only ever been unemployed for a total of nine months in my life. My company is moving North soon so I’ll be looking for a new sucker (sic) to employ me.

Thinking of starting up my own company though, tax breaks being the main reason. So many deals available from the ‘State’ (is election season) so may have a gander at what’s on offer. Now that would be a challenge!

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