ID Cards coming to London

26 01 2010

After the ‘successful’ trial run in the North-East (3,000 people out of 5,000,000 signing up), NuGov brings the ID Card Circus to London and once again takes aim at the yooth.  Of course it is optional (for now).  So if you need some form of identification for travelling, the different options available is either spending £30 for the new fancy biometric cards or forking out £77.50 for renewing the old-fashioned passport.  Okay, there is another option but that involves breaking the law and this isn’t a criminal masterclass, this is a lawful rant at the Bastards that Be. I don’t need to be giving them a reason fro knocking down my door.

National ID cards extended to London

DirectGov, Published: Monday, 25 January 2010

Young Londoners aged 16 to 24 can apply for a National Identity Card from 8 February, the Home Office said today. Identity cards are being made available to young Londoners following the successful uptake of cards in north west England.

National Identity Card:  uses

The £30 identity card provides a secure and convenient way for people to prove their identity.

Because young people often need to prove their age to shops and entertainment venues, they will find this easy-to-carry formal proof of identity especially useful.

Young people often lose passports.

Research by the Identity and Passport Service shows that over half of lost and stolen passports belong to people under 30 and one tenth of those are lost by people using them as ID on a night out.

Identity card available nationally

From next month until 30 June 2010, people of any age across the UK who have registered interest through Directgov will be able to apply for a National Identity Card.

More than 16,000 people have already registered their interest in getting an identity card. Follow the link below for more information, and how to register.

National Identity Card

A national identity card is useful when you want to:

  • buy alcohol, computer games and DVDs
  • go to the cinema or to a club
  • open a bank account
  • travel to Europe

So London, with a population of between 10-20 million (hard to keep count with all the newcomers), has had 16,000 souls showing an interest?  I can only think that they are all Labourites, that or as thick as shit.  To put that 16,000 in perspective, I’ve more than 20,000 people on my council estate in Peckham.  Not exactly the flood of applicants DirectGov seems to imply.  Probably why the Beeb are doing their best to promote the cause.

More kudos to liarpoliticians for the upload.




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