Labour Hates You!

29 01 2010

And so do the Conservatives, the Liberal Democrats, the other stooge parties, the third-parties (UAF), the fake charities (Searchlight), and the many other detestables’ who seek to destroy Britain.

A man’s death in the woods’ inquiry results are sealed for 70 years.  Mmm…  The second Iraq Inquiry dubbed the ‘Chilcot Inquiry’ invites a bunch of lawyers to argue the rights and wrongs all contradicting eachother and confusing us plebs.  Mmm

Then the Devils’ Advocate himself took the seat and immediately wiggled out of it.  Globetrotter and walking cash machine Tony BLiar is one crude operator.  Proving once again why Lawyers are never to be trusted to make laws.  They never follow it and make too many!

This isn’t a democracy no more.  It should be renamed deMOCKracy.

We’re told lie after lie, from foot & mouth, swine flu, ozone holes, melting ice,probably lie about their favourite colour! We’re denied vote after vote, be it capital punishment, immigration or the dreaded EU.

We are no more freer than those slaves that worked on plantations three-hundred years ago.  Except now, we beg to work on those ‘plantations’.

The game is fixed for no matter where you look in the mainstream, they all seem to support eachother, be it Media, the Corporates along with the Establishment.  They only invite us when it is time to pay the bill!

It is how it always has been.  They pass the buck along the lines, distract us with bullcrap blaming the scapegoat (Joos, Muslims, Whitey, Darkie, Martians, wrong kind of snow) then dish out the dictates.  Create the problem for a pre-planned solution.

I cannot believe that since the end of WWII in Europe, we have been ruled by those who before (and during) said war, would have been interned and possibly shot for their anti-British rhetoric!

Election after election the Buggers that Be promise us milk and honey yet always fail to deliver blaming someone somewhere.  Of course, a Government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always rely on Paul’s support.  Usually enough for Paul to get a few of his mates to secure his living.

Internationalism destroys Nations, Nationalism saves them.  Look at all those Nations with the soldiers with blue hats, that is globalisation!

A grand conspiracy to install a ‘Corporate Elitist Globalist Caliph’ encompassing the Earth has been underway since the beginning of time.  It is many a demon’s dream to control the planet.  We haven’t just got to keep an eye on those 646 MPs but the ones who bankroll, thus control them.  Not only the 646 but also the…

800+ Lords, Ladies, Dukes, Barons and anyone else who sleeps in the upper chambers

1000’s of councillors

100’s of Judiciary to “sort out”

100’s if not 1,000’s of “NATO” inspired Generals

10,000-25,000 civil servants playing Winston Smiths’

30,000+ ACPO Coppers (and 100’s of funnyFTACdoctors)

50,000+ Common Purpose “Graduates”

Then there are those that follow the orders.  So probably a few million or so, all with a little more to lose than the rest of us.

That is why we’re neck deep in the brown stuff.  And the whole Parliamentary Process since 1945 has stank to high heaven of corruption and deceit.

Considering the ever increasing choice in the high street, we seem stuck with the same polichickens who pretend to be all things to all men!

We’re damned if we do and damned if we don’t!

UPDATE: Kudos to London Patriot for highlighting this petition:




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