NuGov’s EHRC attacks BNP…

29 01 2010

…  once again

Once again the Marxist-Nazis in Government take aim at the British National Party, with professional black Trevor Philips with his tax-funded Equality and Human Rights (for everyone else except white indigenous Britons who happen to disagree with the social engineering that the Fabians and Marxists, under the guise of espionage in the 50s, the infiltration of Universities and Labour Unions in the 60s, the Labour Party in the 70s, etc etc have conducted) Commission are attacking Britain’s only hope.

Nevermind that this ‘updated’ Race Relations Act is not actually in force, so desperate to smear the BNP that they bring out new laws intended to stop them (and only them).  Of course, when it does become Law, the BNP will have changed their constitution by then to fit within the new Act.  Until then, this is just a State-financed operation to drain funds from the BNP’s coffers.  For they do not attack any of the other semi-political groups such as the National Association of Muslim Police, the Black Lawyers Association or any of the other thousands upon thousands of ethnic ‘support’ groups.

Those minority groups are encouraged to promote themselves while us Britons are told not to.  Have we got to wait until we’re in the minority to be allowed those rights?

Freedom of Association & Freedom of Speech are not to be permitted for the white indigenous Britons.  We cannot oppose multiculturalism or european integration with being labelled racist or xenophobic.  In effect, this is no longer our Country as they will not hear us and do not see us.  We are not entitled to seek a redress.  We are not allowed to dissent from the ‘approved’ mantra of diversity.

The Corruptibles do not want us to have a homeland.  They do not want us to hear our concerns.  The ‘political puppets’ all scream “fascist” and “racist” at the British National Party yet it is them who are the fascists and racists.

They seek to deny us our democracy and forsake our people futures.

This is a declaration of war on our entire heritage.  The plan to change the United Kingdom of Great Britain into splintered communities, playing each of the other while those at the top make out like bandits is becoming clearer everyday.

Labour, Conservatives, Liberal Democrats, EHRC and all the other race relation industrial businesses, Unions of all stripes, those third-party groups such as the UAF mob and fake charities like Searchlight, and with so many Common Purpose Graduates who are in so many different orifices, all united in conspiring to destroy the British National Party.

They do this not to protect Britain and Her people.  They do it to destroy Her.

Another reason to vote BNP this coming election.  For when the Government tells you facts, you can be sure as the nose on your face that it isn’t for your benefit.




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