How many is too many?

30 01 2010

Those who are pro-immigration (or see being anti-immigration as ‘racist’) are deluding themselves.

Why?  Simply because they cannot see the bigger picture.  A small trickle of immigrants, even the funny ones, is fine and dandy.  Enticing one and all here with dreams of first-class benefits while dangling passports in their faces, encouraging them to propagate themselves and thus dominate an area, isn’t.  It is common sense to keep any potential conflict to a minimum, that is what a Government is suppose to do.  Protect Her people, prevent possible trouble and defend the Nation.

How is importing umpteen different cultures good for community cohesion?  We’re an island so protecting our borders should be easy.  Alas, to do that would mean less work for the Corruptibles and their cohorts.  No multi-million pound industries with the lawyers and the bankers all taking a skim of the profits for perceived persecutions.  Whoopee-bloody-do!

Immigration is a very emotive subject for some for so many have empathy for people who undergo such hardships.  Problem is, by only focusing on the good warm-fuzzy-stuff, like refugees safe, away form the threat of death, the came-with-nothing but made-a-mint Behemoths of Enterprise, the foreign footballers from Brazil dazzling the fans… the royal ‘we’ completely miss the flip-side of that emotive response…  The displacement of the unskilled natives, the ever increasing multi-nationality of neighbourhoods, the increase in diversity that literally divides communities…  This is the reality of the situation.

I was asked the reason I stay in multi-varying-African-national-cultural Peckham if I dislike it so much.  My reply:  this is my home, not just a place to put my head.  My ancestors have been in Southwark since the 1600s.  My grandparents remember the times when Politicians (or at least the opposition) could get things done.  Work was plentiful and State-provided services were working to perfection, if not still in the early stage of development.  They were not asked if they wanted Peckham to become 75% black.  They don’t remember any political party putting this in there manifesto.

Like it or not, people prefer to be in their own cultural clicks, be it the minority of goths or the paper-gangsta gangs serving up rocks in the park.    The more diversity, the more division, the less united.  If we need workers so bad, what is wrong with the work-permit system?  We’re only a small island, we cannot continually expand throwing all caution to the wind without considering the impact this is having.

And now with a little logic and basic mathematics:  We cannot have an infinite population on a finite piece of land.  Do we really want to live in faceless Megacities?  20,000 of us crammed into ‘cosy’ apartments?

We humans are the most devious creatures on the planet.  We might be intelligent but our collective lack of foresight will be our undoing.  This mass importation of turd worlders  into Britain is doomed to fail.  The promotion of multiculturalism is doomed to fail.  Allowing foreign pseudo-religious-political-cults into Church of England territory is doomed to fail.

They say we are a tolerant people, yet the meaning of tolerance is to imply a temporary situation.  You wouldn’t tolerate a child punching you in the arm, no matter how soft it was.

So considering it is temporary, how much diversity should Britain accomodate?  How much division can we tolerate?  And more importantly, how long can we tolerate it?  Of course, the answers to these is simply “You’re a racist”.

The foolishness of the Deluded Wing on the Left is that they never get past the history of WW2.

Immigration has been used throughout history as a weapon.  Move in people with little attachment to the land to dilute the national character, thus making it easier to rule.  Of course, like Rome, it’ll peak and then implode, and while those with the means to flee, flee, those left behind suffer the consequence.

A Possible Reason for this Diversity?

Since 1945 the common man has had the vote.  Before then, only those who owned land or property could vote, and nine times out of ten, a few well-placed shillings would decide the vote.  World War II changed that due to the fact the men who fought and died in the war were made up from all classes, so as long as you registered in the borough, you was entitled a vote.  This of course unsettled the Ruling Establishment.  The common man having a say in the running of the Nation.  Especially after seeing the effects of Communism and Fascism.

Before mass immigration, the population consisted of different classes.  At the top were Royalty and the political class who could do no wrong (somethings never change).  Then the Upper Class including the globe-trotting industrialists of the time, no matter what backwater they came from.  Then the middle class, those that either owned small businesses or had professional jobs.  Second to the bottom but a little better off were the working class who made up most of the population.  Of course, there was and always will be an underclass.  That is why Law & Order is needed with suitable punishments available.

Another interesting part to the equation is the dismantling of the British Empire.  All those former colonies breaking free from Her Majesty’s Government’s grip.  This too worried the Ruling Class.

So the Bastards that Be dropped the dress-code for entry and invited umpteen millions here from the turd world.  Not for humanitarian reasons or even to fill the job gaps (temporary visas would have been more suitable).  No, the reason was simply to displace the working class, increasing an “us and them” atmosphere and thus continuing the Status Quo.  A wild accusation now but devious minds wishing to maintain leverage over the former colonies could not do so in person but need ‘frontmen’, and who better to recruit from than the newcomers.

The Masters of the Universe know every trick, having performed most of them.  From the biblical battlefields of old to the modern quagmires of today, the corrupted Pharisees who oversaw then inspiring our televised Leftarded Rulers.  Our people are awakening though and after the General Electiom, we will have a voice loud enough to wake more up.  We will prevail.

God Bless the BNP!

“Smash the Establishment!”

If you know the answer, feel free to let me know.



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