Dreaded Monday

1 02 2010

Another start to yet another poxy working week, no wonder people suffer from deja vu…  jeez, just when ya get comfortable the weekend ends!

Still, thought it best to steer clear of anything political for the beginning of what promises to be a rewarding week.

Gordon’s new plans on Saving Britain will be unvieled, recycled and regurgitated by the “all too eager to please” mob.

Cameron is about to discover Atlantis off the coast of his fish tank which will send shock waves to the front door.

And who can forget Nick Clegg, working hard investigating the link of climate change and stray dog’s knick-knacks.

At least I live south of the river away from the filth as it seems the West End has become the Lost World.  Those dinosaurs are probably right at home though with the amount of savages wafting around London’s streets.  Kudos for the effort though.

Would go and have a gander myself but I’m not a child no more…  although I could probably drag one of my nieces there.  Of course, for her benefit, not mine.




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