PC Bullcrap

1 02 2010

A reminder of the Politically Correct “straightjacket” our Marxist-inspired leaders use to stifle opposition and further their own perverted goals.  Over four-thousand years worth of knowledge has been refined by those seeking advantage.  None more so than those that seek power.  Those would-be rulers memorize the books of tyrants for tips and pointers in their demonic quest for power and prestige.  And one of the more powerful weapons perfected is Political Correctness, which originated from the Marxist mindset after the Russian revolution to further the cause westwards (many thanks to a compatriot for the text, D).

The Frankfurt school recommended (among other things):

  1. the creation of racism offences
  2. continual change to create confusion
  3. the teaching of sex and homosexuality to children
  4. the undermining of schools and teachers’ authority
  5. huge immigration to destroy identity
  6. the promotion of excessive drinking
  7. emptying the churches
  8. an unreliable legal system with bias against the victim of crime
  9. dependency on the state or state benefits
  10. control and dumbing down of media
  11. encouraging the breakdown of the family.

All these things are actively promoted under the most benign pretences.  Be it subliminal, those opinionated group-think pieces or the ever increasing ‘protection’ laws that seemingly protect the offenders,  all these actions have an effect on the collective psyche  The reality though is simply a general promotion of division.  Sowing discontent and uncertainty leading the way for a ‘Collective-sponsored’ solution.

So remember the above when it comes to casting your vote.  It isn’t too late to reassert our Nation’s authority as Sovereign.

The Marxist-inspired Detestables will not magically change their minds about destroying Britain.

Let’s return the ‘compliment’.




One response

1 02 2010

Your tags and Catagories indicate that you are in Great Britain. I’m in the U.S.A., southern New England area…and we’re having the same problems with Federal and Local government HERE!

Today there is one form of government sorely needed by all peoples of the world, and that is the LIBERTARIAN form of government. Respectful of individual rights and reasonable enough to leave the people alone so the people can conduct their daily affairs without harassment and/or taxruptcy.

That last word is my own invention. Thanks from Ralph, http://draaiorgelfan.wordpress.com, “Wanted – The Dean Martin Show!”.

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