ACPO: NuGov’s NuPolice

3 02 2010

In Our Glorious New Land, the NuPolice are the political stasi of NuGov.  Another alphabet organisation so ‘political’ in creation that it supports every new law and power (and any other perk) NuGov suggests.

So how happy I am for more evidence of NuGov-inspired corruption (sarcasm).  The Association of Chief Police Officers are under the microscope in the Daily Mail with:  “Body in charge of UK policing policy is now an £18m-a-year brand charging the public £70 for a 60p criminal records check”.  The article is a lot more coherent than the title and is well worth the read although I will just point out the bleeding obvious.

The fruit of this bonsai tree of knowledge though is the mainstream exposure that ACPO are:

  • Selling information from the Police National Computer for up to £70 – even though it pays just 60 pence to access those details.
  • Marketing ‘police approval’ logos to firms selling anti-theft devices.
  • Operating a separate private firm offering training to speed camera operators, which is run by a senior officer who was banned from driving.
  • Advising the Government and police forces – earning £32million of taxpayers’ money in the process.
  • Employing retired senior officers on lucrative salaries.

Wake up Britons!  You are literally being robbed.

This “Association” is a run-for-profit organisation that parrot the policies from their NuGov paymasters.  That isn’t the policing protecting the innocent Sir Robert Peel had in mind.  This is more like a made-to-order security operation protecting crooked government from the people!

Another one of those Common “leading beyond authority” Purpose front groups that deserves the chop.

And another reason to vote Nationalist this spring.




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