Red, yellow and blue…

4 02 2010

No matter what the rosette, they are practically the same “progressive” polishitting scumbags’.  Whether it’ll be the smoke and mirrors played since 1972 on the European Unification Project or the 1948 mass importation of peoples, the “progressives” have treated us peasants with contempt.

Not only were the leaders all so keen for war, they were also keen on enriching themselves in the process.  I have to hand it to these dishonourable destestables’ for their cunning, not only are they ‘running’ the country or ‘holding the government to account’, they also find time to ‘fiddle the books’.

MPs’ expenses: Brown, Cameron and Clegg ordered to repay money

By Gordon Rayner, Chief Reporter,  Published Telegraph:  Thursday 4th February 2010

Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg have all been ordered to repay money they claimed on parliamentary expenses in Sir Thomas Legg’s long-awaited review of members’ claims.

The three party leaders are among 392 current and former MPs who were told to repay a total of £1.12 million.

More than half of all the MPs whose claims were examined by Sir Thomas were told to repay money, though 44 of the 392 successfully appealed against his decision and will either pay back less or nothing at all.

Sir Thomas ordered Mr Brown to pay back £12,888 in cleaning, decoration and gardening costs. His spokesman said he had already repaid a total of £13,723.04, adding: “The Prime Minister was told what he was asked to pay back and did so.”

Tory leader Mr Cameron was told to repay £237 in overpaid mortgage interest and has returned a total of £965, which included a bill for removing wisteria from his chimney at his constituency home.

Liberal Democrat leader Mr Clegg was told to return £910 after Sir Thomas deemed his gardening costs to be excessive. He has repaid a total of £989.50 since April.

blah blah blah

Sir Thomas lambasted the ”deeply flawed” system at Westminster, saying the “rules were vague, and MPs were themselves self-certifying as to the propriety of their use of the allowance”. There was also a “prevailing lack of transparency” and officials had a “culture of deference” to MPs.

blah blah blah

Liars, thieves and scoundrels the lot of em.  We cannot continue to turn the other cheek, forgive them their trespass and hope for the best.  Time to do the Nation a favour and vote the wretched swines’ out.  We cannot trust them, it is as simple as that.

Help put the Nation right by voting for what the Establishment most fear, the BNP.  They have kept the majority at bay with scare stories and sure we are fearful but with our Nation at stake, we have more to fear than losing than our own ‘inch’.  We have to put the Nation first every once in a while,  even if it means entering the unkown, otherwise, we will see the day that Britain divides along cultural lines.

So time to decide if you’re for Nationalism or Globalisation?  To work for the nation or some faceless corporation?

Our chance of answering the above comes this year so please give careful consideration about your vote.  It does count.  Of course, we all need to be extra vigilant due to the past form of the Political Stooges operating.  But we have a crack at democracy our ancestors could only dream of, a chance to peacefully regain our nation.  Start thinking long-term, look to the recent history of mass migrations, how it was used by every Empire to weaken their subjects and understand that better to be told the truth that hurts than a lie that kills.

After that, vote British National Party, the only party that will put Britain first.




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