The Mass Deception in ’97

5 02 2010

Old Holborn (via Wigan Patriot) threw up the BBC link to Labour’s 1997 Election Manifesto.  The only promise they kept is “changing Britain” from a Free and Independent Nation into the cesspit of Eunification and mass turd world importation.

The entire document is 17,632 words long and covers 69 pages so I will not dissect this myself.  I’ve been reading it all day but it is mostly mumbo-jumbo that Dr Who would have trouble understanding.  I get the same waffle in the brochures from Southwark Council.  The fancy glossy magazines extolling the virtues of the state we’re in.

Instead of pointing out the promises they broke, thought a better way to measure their core being was to see how many times the following words were used.  So out of those seventeen and a half thousand the word:

Sovereign‘ is mentioned once.


And only in relation to the devolution of powers enjoyed by the Scottish and Welsh, which in effect, only added an extra laying of filth on top of our filth-ridden-heap we call politics.

Poor ‘Sovereignty‘ didn’t even have a chance to make up the shortfall.


Not that important for a Party pushing for more Eunification.

Immigration‘ is given an airing only thrice.


Another matter that seems unimportant to the Reds.

How about my beloved ‘England‘, eight times mentioned.


And most were in the same sentence as those dreaded EU-inspired words,  ‘regions’.

Back then Tony Blair offered “Change”.  Our compatriots bought it then and are in danger of falling for the same trick once more.  Keep reminding them that since 1945 we have been ruled by the fools in red, yellow and blue.  The liars, thieves, perverts, warmongers and down-right dirty bastards infest not only the Liberal Democrats, Labour and the Conservatives but many of the fringe parties.

And when you can’t trust any of the selection, best to vote Nationalistic.  That way, at least it’ll be a local government.




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