“Dumb little whitey voting BNP”

10 02 2010

This is how those deluded like to categorise BNP voters.  It makes them feel safe and superior assuming they have received a higher standard education enabling them to flee the flea-bitten boroughs and now only enjoy the benefits of immigration without the need to bear the cost.  The extreme leftarded, those that would probably wet their pants at a Nationalist Government, state the British National Party prey on the “weak, illiterate, uneducated and inarticulate sections of the working class communities in this country”…  at least Lee Walker thinks so judging by his comment in the Evening Standard’s non-story of a political party putting a candidate up for an election.

BNP to contest borough mayoral elections

Tuesday 9th February 2010

Politicians today expressed their anger after it emerged that the British National Party is to field candidates for the May mayoral elections in three London boroughs.

Candidates representing the far-Right party will campaign in the boroughs of Lewisham, Newham and Hackney, sparking outrage from anti-fascist organisations and local politicians.

The BNP has not released details of who will stand but Bob Bailey, the party’s London organiser, said he is convinced people will vote for the party.

He said: “We need to raise money before we can announce the full details. But it is time the BNP stood in these elections. People in these boroughs have asked us to field candidates because they are so unhappy with the other political parties.”

A spokesman for Unite Against Fascism said: “Hackney, Lewisham and Newham are proud, multi-cultural and multi-racial London boroughs. They are a living testament to everything the BNP would like to destroy.”

No Mr Walker, we are not dumb, illiterate, uneducated or in articulate, we are very very very pissed off at how our kindness has been taken for weakness.  Our tolerance is running thin and the sooner you look at the entire picture with a logical mind, the better you will understand your compatriots fears.

UAF is a “Third-party” organisation, just like Hope not Hate is another front group for the Red, Yellow and Blue stooges.  These organisations only meaning of existence is to rally against the BNP.

Then there are the dodgy charities such as Operation Black Vote, Searchlight and MediaWise, all ‘managing the news’.

“Bashing the BNP” isn’t the only thing they have in common.  All receive various ‘support’ from the Established Parties.  All receive dubious amounts of airtime.  All receive preference in the Law.

And worse of all, they are taking aim at the degraded and disenfranchised Britons.

Once again, I must thank the Unite Against Freedom mob for highlighting the very reason every Briton should vote BNP.  Otherwise, it will be your area transformed into a “proud, multicultural and multiracial” utopian paradise.




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10 02 2010
Sir Henry Morgan

BNP … got my five year badge this week … been to two good universities, educated to postgrad level. And our local organiser is a retired GP.

Got no grazes on our knuckles.

And that’s just the one local group – and plenty of other local members like us.

What about half the MPs in the Labour party? What about Gerry Gable?

19 02 2010
Jack'd Ripp'd

Cong rations (belatedly) but I’ve done so many posts I sometimes forget to check the comments lol

I haven’t even been to a meeting but every person with BNP persuasions have been nothing but gentlemen.

I gave up on the Leftarded Armies of Doom the day I left school and haven’t looked back since.

The Country is heading for an implosion and unless drastic measures are taken instead of the “head in sand” approach favoured by the bastards that be, we will end up a nation divided into Euro Zones.

God help us for Our Government does not.

19 02 2010
james carlisle

All his shit thrown at the BNP, is excellant,you know why ,because it will land on thouse that throw it,PEOPLE ARE NOT STUPID, uaf ,search light,I will even make aprediction about the election, the BNP will get about 5 MPS,as well as , 50 councils, you will see the biggest scream explode out of the political elite.
For so long ,past 70 years they have shat on the plain whiteman and woman in the street,let they state that this time, things will be different,I DONT THINK SO?BULL SHIT PILED ON MORE BULL SHIT ,BY LIBS, COMS, LABO, MERDOC, BBC LEFTEST M15,THE SHIT AS FOUND NEW HIGHTS ,AND IS ABOUT TO FALL OVER.

19 02 2010
Jack'd Ripp'd

What can I add except I agree. Although I go one further and say more than 5 MPs.

Look at the ‘choice’ (more like non-negotiable options) the Corruptibles promote, most of em are tokens or incompetents waiting to be corrupted.

The more lies they tell, the better for us.

The Lions are awakening and are ready to bite back.

5 03 2010

I am an aussie brit I ,will be voting,vire postal, if I can do this then their is no excuse for the white man and woman in the street, to not vote bnp in this 2010 election, when you consider the amount of paper work I have to go though.I have worked in the middle east ,and south east asia, it is common in this part of the world ,to hear derogrity nasty comments, about whites.they have very little shyness ,in these matters,its such a shame, that UAF, search dark, and other clowns, were not their with me,it would be an eye opener.

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