Criminal Charter

14 02 2010

The Human Rights Act ensures no matter who you were, be it kiddy-killer or prospective terrorist, you have inalienable rights that must be protected at all costs, even if those costs run into the millions and puts the lives of thousands in jeopardy.

Number of court cases involving Human Rights Act rises by a third

Frances Gibb, Times, February 15, 2010

Terrorism and deportation cases have fuelled the first rise for seven years in court cases using the Human Rights Act, figures published today show.

Human rights challenges involving immigration, asylum and deportation cases rose by 34 per cent — and are predicted to rise again this year.

The figures come days after Jonathan Evans, the head of M15, hinted that the courts were being used to undermine the fight against terrorism.

The survey by Sweet & Maxwell, the legal publisher, found that in the year to October 2009 there were 51 cases that involved those issues — a rise of more than a third on the 38 reported the previous year.

Stephen Grosz, head of public law and human rights at Bindman & Partners, said: “The Home Office continues to be the biggest repeat defendant in the field when it comes to human rights cases. Terrorism-related cases played a significant part. Measures against terrorists in a democratic society have to be tempered by respect for human rights. Otherwise, what are we protecting?”

Whitehall sources are suggesting that the work of the security agencies is being undermined by actions being brought against them in the courts.

All those millions from the taxpayer-funded legal aid service is a golden goose for the Law Industry, with each year the number of cases rising.  And drafted by lawyers, can anyone really be surprised at this outcome?

Our entire system is slowly being subverted and perverted, including our Laws.  And if we lose the rule of law, it’ll lead to anarchy, giving more than enough reason for the Masters of the Universe to “put their foot down”, courtesy of the Civil Contingency Act.

Damn, we need to scrap those acts before they scrap us.




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