They dare not speak its name

15 02 2010

Must be a hard job being a journalist.  Told to project a story on the Government lies in relation to Climategate and Labour’s cynical attempts to change Britain through mass turd world immigration, and most importantly, do not mention the one party that opposed them both.

True Cost of Labour lies on immigration and climate change

Leo McKinstry, Express, Monday February 15,2010

FOR more than a decade multiculturalism and environmentalism have been the twin ideological pillars of the Labour state. Ruthlessly enforced with propaganda and oppression, the two doctrines have been used to justify bureaucratic expansion, increased taxation, the curtailment of liberties and social revolution.

Labour’s determination to impose these two dogmas on society has been accompanied by an air of zealous certainty. Questioning the existence of man-made climate change or the benefits of mass immigration is treated as a form of vicious, uncaring extremism.

“The science is settled,” screeches Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Miliband at anyone who dares challenge his hardline green agenda, while other Left-wing politicians throw accusations of racism at opponents of the diversity fetish. Yet cracks are now beginning to show in Labour’s ideological edifice.

The iron convictions of recent years are no longer supportable. Last week the publication of documents showed that, contrary to noisy official propaganda about the universal benefits of multiculturalism, Labour has disgracefully pursued a mass immigration policy based on its narrow political interests.

‘Their dishonesty has been exposed’

One Whitehall paper even stated that migration had “opened up new opportunities for organised crime,” not something any Labour minister ever admits in public.

A report from a highly respected House of Lords committee demolished the Government’s boasts that unprecedented ­levels of migration boost economic prosperity. It said the destruction of effective borders has driven down wages and imposed a huge burden on public services.

With breathtaking cynicism activists have used massaged figures to manufacture a public mood of panic over the future of the planet, thereby justifying their radical socialistic programme of huge tax grabs, state intervention, mass surveillance and the removal of property rights. Yet as the devious methods of the green ideologues come under increasing scrutiny so the evidence for man-made global warming evaporates. The Climate Change Research Unit at East Anglia University has been at the centre of a storm over leaked e-mails that appeared to show a ­willingness to hide the real truth in the quest to support the politicians. Records have gone missing, graphs have been distorted, sceptical scientists have been excluded.

Yesterday Professor Phil Jones, recently suspended as director of the unit over the e-mail scandal, confessed he had trouble “keeping track of information” and did not do “a thorough job”. Most importantly, he admitted that since 1995 there has been “no statistically significant” global warming.

So there we have it. One of the scientists in charge of climate change analysis says that there is absolutely no basis for all the hysteria that the politicians have generated. The green crusade is shot to pieces.

It is shameful we have been taxed and bullied because of a massive political fraud, just as the case for mass immigration is so riddled with lies.

As the foundations of these two ideologies crumble it is striking to see the similarities between them.

Both involve constant guilt-tripping by the State, with ordinary decent citizens made to feel ashamed of everything from patriotism to car ownership. Both have created an atmosphere of fear in which basic liberties are suppressed.

So in the name of the Government’s “war on climate change” spy cameras are placed in wheelie bins and huge fines are imposed for putting out rubbish on the wrong day. In the same way it is now impossible to have open discussion about multiculturalism and that is the way zealots want it.

A high priest of the liberal establishment, the journalist Andrew Marr, once wrote an article in which he called for “the vigorous use of state power to coerce and repress” in the campaign for diversity. The government had to “stamp hard” on politically incorrect thoughts, he argued, for “repression can be a great, civilising force for good”, exactly the sort of language beloved of dictators.

Environmentalism and multi-culturalism have been imposed through constant propaganda.

Driving through Margate on Saturday I sat behind a munic-ipal bus with an advertisement urging me to “go greener” to “help save the planet”, just like all those fashionable notices in state buildings urging me to “celebrate diversity”.

Both ideologies have led to a massive burden on the public through the cost of welfare for migrants and rising taxes and energy bills to pay for the green agenda. Each creed has created its own expensive bureaucracy, with the public sector now awash with diversity co-ordinators, equalities managers, and sustainability officers.

The advocates of both ideologies tend to be appalling hypocrites. Just as the loudest political advocates for multiculturalism rarely live on inner-city housing estates so the leading green campaigners, like the US politician Al Gore, could not care less about their own carbon footprints as they travel around by limousine and jet.

Left-wing ideology provides an extremely lucrative living as well as the chance to feel self-righteous.

Our independent nationhood is being destroyed by Left-wing ideologues filled with hatred of Britain and a longing for EU and world government. We can only hope that the exposure of their spectacular dishonesty has not come too late.

An excellent piece of doom-laden journalism yet no mention of the biggest lie, that of the EU.  And due to the ineptitude of my compatriots in the media and the establishment who did nothing to oppose this treachery, our only hope lies in the British National Party.

It took a team of Internationalists to belittle Britain.  It will need a team of Nationalists to fix it.




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